Saturday, August 1, 2009

Jane Savoie on musical freestyles -- fitting the horse

Riley update, Saturday August 1: Riley is walking normally on his foot and is no longer pointing it when standing. His bandage was replaced and the wound looks good, very clean. They did have to move him to another stall when he pulled a metal strip out of the wall. He feels well enough to be bored, and must be looking to make his own "fun." Wonder if this will show up on my bill. The bit of downer news is that I pressed for info about the extent of the surgical debridement. In the dorsal aspect of the hoof, a section is removed almost all the way up to the coronet band. The base/sole of the hoof at the tip is largely gone. Have to admit there were some waterworks at the end of that phone call.

This is a new Youtube video (less than a day old) featuring Jane Savoie. She discusses suitability of the music to the horse...


  1. Ah, yes, one of the most difficult skills to master when developing a freestyle. You can listen to music for hours and hours trying to find the right combination. That is a good video illustrating the concept.

    Don't be too depressed about Riley. He is young and well cared for. That foot will grow faster than you think. Pretty amazing that he is sound now and what a good sign to hear he is dismantling the stsll. ....Uhm, isn't good news in the horse world a rather strange concept? *lol*

  2. Horses have amazing healing powers - especially with their feet which are so important to them. If he's walking well, and feeling good, and the vets are happy - take heart!

  3. very informative video. i really like ruth, she sounds like such an amazing person! glad riley is doing well too!

  4. Hey a haflinger I think! Love to see them in the dressage ring!

  5. Good to see a haflinger representing at a dressage clinic!


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