Sunday, August 2, 2009

My taste in horses: Paragon (Heather Blitz's horse)

Riley's still coming along, comfortable on his foot, bright, eating, etc. I'll be visiting him tomorrow, will try to take a video. A friend of mine lent me an amazing book, Equine Podiatry by Andrea Floyd. PIctures -- very detailed -- and day by day descriptions of the procedure and aftercare. I'm getting a lot of good information.

Heather Blitz is an international grand prix rider and teacher. She was in the news not too long ago because she beat Isabel Werth and Warum Nicht at the Mondorf CDI show in Luxembourg. I started reading about her after finding the amazing videos (below) of her working with her horse Paragon.

Blitz bought Paragon as a weanling (pictured left). She must have crossed her fingers that he would be tall, as she herself is six feet tall. Now 17.3 hands, Paragon was bred by Richard Freeman Jr.III of Oak Hill Ranch in Louisiana. He is by Don Schufro -- one of my favorite stallions -- out of a Pari line mare. I have video footage of Don Schufro, and I never tire of watching it. I love Paragon's lean look, his elasticity, and that D-line work ethic and sitting ability. You can see he has matured from last year to this year....

Recent video of Heather Blitz and Paragon

Paragon in 2008


  1. What a good looking boy. Another "once in a lifetime" horse, from the looks of him.

    Keep the Riley reports coming. He seems to be doing really well.

  2. I am going gaga over that horse. What a beautiful, floaty trot!!! He just looks like he'd be amazing to ride!

    Glad to hear that Riley appears to be well.

  3. More hugs and kisses to Riley for me! I'm sure you must be worried sick, but he's in good hands and sounds like he's recovering well so far. I'll keep thinking good thoughts for both of you!

    Oh and Paragon is... wow... sexy.

  4. A few years ago I went to a lecture demo given by Mary Wanless (one of Heather's trainers) and Heather was a demo rider.
    The lecture was on Biomechanics of Riding (with Hilary Clayton as a lecturer too) and Heather was demonstrating some principles of correct riding.
    She sat on this more than ordinary coloured horse with no stride, no swing, no hind leg action.
    I swear that 10 minutes later that horse looked like he would win at National level. She is an absolutely amazing rider to watch.
    Thank you for that video, that horse's movement is just beautiful.

  5. what a magnificent horse Paragon is all i can say.


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