Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Blue Hors Matine retires from competition

Well, I suppose I'll join every other horse blog in blogdom in reporting that Blue Hors Matine, the horse featured in the most-watched Youtube horse video on the Internet is retired with a non-riding injury. Five million downloads, and about 50,000 of those were mine :-). Her performance at the World Equestrian Games in 2006 has introduced millions around the world to the sport of dressage, and what a wonderful example of the sport at its most exhilarating. Since we've all seen heaps of pictures and video of her performances, I'm choosing photos of her rider giving her a big fat "Atta girl!" Her sire Silvermoon (Video) was by Kostolany, a leading Trakehner sire who is found in the bloodlines of Gribaldi, Hofrat, and Painted Black. Her mother is by Matador, another legendary sire.

In 2007 at the Las Vegas World Cup Finals Matine tripped coming off the trailer and injured herself. The owners/handlers hoped that her soft tissue injury would heal, but she missed the 2008 Olympics and never really came back 100%. This news is heartbreaking for everyone who loved to watch her perform, but Matine will have a new career as a broodmare.

And a word about handlers of these amazing horses...
I pray that none of us is ever responsible -- or feels responsible -- for a horse being injured. I read about a famous show jumper lunged at his groom as he worked in the stall. The groom instinctively raised a pitchfork he had in hand and inadverdently pierced the horse's nose. Fortunately it was not a serious wound, but the horse missed the competition of a lifetime (I forget which one, but it was a big one). Imagine how the poor groom must have felt!

We all occasionally read of career- or life-ending injuries in freak accidents -- Matine, Peron, Teddy, His Highness, and Lord knows many others. I always say a quick prayer for the person holding the end of the lead line when unforseeable tragedy occurs. I'm sure they will carry the burden of that moment for the rest of their lives, rightly or wrongly.

Ending on a high note!
So Matine will be a mom, and her owners have decided against ET -- she'll actually carry the baby and have her at her side (they think motherhood will quiet her temperamental nature). What a treat to think of her being able to kick back and just be a horse. Let's all put on our thinking caps and select a good father for what will certainly be a special and much made-over baby.


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  1. First Brentina and now Blue Hors! But it was far from the wrong decision and nothing but the right one. She was an amazing horse. The first horse video I ever saw on YouTube and still one of the best performances I have ever seen.

    I'm anxious to see the baby and what becomes of him (or her!)

    I think Brentina was supposed to be bred too? Have to re-read the article in Dressage Today. If so, I can imagine that will be quite the foal too.

  2. It's a shame she had to be retired so early she is a beautiful talented horse. She and her rider made a wonderful pair.

    I'm sure she'll be a good mom, but I wonder if she will miss her show career, I only say this because she looked like she really enjoyed herself in the ring. Good luck to her and her new career as a stay at home mom.

  3. I think, for a horse, just "being a horse" must be the best thing in the whole world.

    While I wish her career had been longer, I am glad they made the decision to retire her instead of letting her struggle along, never quite being able to do it right ever again.

  4. So sad that Blu Hors Matine was euthanized this morning. Breaks my heart.


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