Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Rapper loses street cred with equestrians

I will never be able to recreate the Google search that resulted in this little tidbit -- behind the scenes of a music video, Snoop Dogg and one of the set extras (a horse) share a moment. Yes, Mr. Dogg looks like a dork here, but remember he did not grow up in rural Iowa. He gets points for the effort.

Are those twizzlers?

You'd think he was feeding a shark. I admire the horse's good humor and cheery acceptance of this awkwardly offered treat. I also admire the scantily clad young woman holding the horse. she looks very at ease.

What next, a gangsta rap freestyle?
You probably never thought this blog would feature Snoop Dogg (I'm kind of shocked myself). Harv and I would like to provide assurances that we will not be performing a gangsta rap freestyle, and we pray that this entry has not inspired anyone else to do so. But while we're on the subject of Snoop Dogg, I might as well throw in this photo, which was posted on a blog I visit regularly (AmyOops.com). The caption is "How Rich People Watch Football."


  1. LOL - the thought of a musical freestyle to a rap number has me smiling.

    It's funny seeing someone so stand-offish with horses - our perspectives are probably skewed wrt the general population when it comes to these very large and amazing animals.

  2. I had the hilarious experience of watching a male model pose for a "studs with studs" calendar with a horse from my barn. He was terrified! (the model I mean.) The horse thought he was a dork. The Snoop clip reminded me.

  3. I've been to some football games where I wished I were rich.

  4. I always thought the idea of hip hop freestyle would be kind of cool.... if it was done right. Gangster rap..... not the right beat really (the consistent rapping would definitely take away from the routine, not as much rapping in hip-hop, more like a mix or rap and singing with a strong beat.... I didn't know this until a few months ago haha!)..... and Snoop Dog feeding a horse? Cute. At least he tried.

    I'm eager to see how the poor horse was incorporated into the video. Probably not in a modest way! Welcome to world of mainstream music videos: guys singing with scantily-dressed girls all over them and awkwardly-used animals!

  5. Not fond of rap myself, but two precious portaits of "star" here.

    I think they are twizzlers. It is funny watching a non-horse person feed a horse, no matter who they are. At least the horse is enjoying it.

    But the football game. Properly dressed butler holding the umbrella? That is a gem.

  6. It's always funny to see a non-horse celeb with a horse. For some reason, I don't know ;). But hey, props to Snoop!

  7. There are plenty of freestyles with bits of gangsta rap in them. In fact, at Dressage at Devon on of the riders had a bit of 50 cents candy shop in her freestyle last year. The same rider had another bit of gangsta rap from a different artist the year before. And I think the only reason the rider does not do a whole freestyle to rap is because at Grand Prix you have to please judges from around the world and rap is not as pleasing to most as something more conservative.

  8. I work for a therapeutic riding organization and part of our program deals with the juvenile offenders at a resident facility. Most of these kids are city kids through and through. Tough ganstas that are in trouble at age 14 for drive by shootings etc. Most of them are scared to death of horses when they first arrive. What strikes me as odd is they all think the horses are going to bite them - I'd understand that being your reaction to a dog but I never thought of a horse as something that would bite first - kick yes.

  9. I like how he hands the twizzlers to the girl and backs away. Behind every man there is...

    But really, that's like any non-horse person feeding a horse - my husband included. At least he tried. ;) Love the football photo. Funny stuff.

  10. God forbid he actually TOUCH the horse when trying to feed it. Too funny!

  11. For some reason, the image of Snoop Dog gingerly feeding the horse and looking obviously and painfully aware of his overall timidity is just about the cutest thing I've seen in a while. There's a moment when he looks over at the camera and his expression is "yeah...I know...I'm losing some street cred here," and then he hands over another Twizzler.

    I bow down to your superior YouTube search abilities on this one, btw! A wonderful find.

    And for the record: my horse goes ga-ga for Twizzlers. The smell seems to drive her wild, and she does the whole bobbing head of pleasure thing as she eats one. I try not to feed her junk food, but it's hard when a big adorable equine does the puppy-dog-style beg. I'm powerless. :-)


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