Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another quote, now that we're quoting folks...

This may end up being "quotation week" at BTB. I have a few hero/philosophers (using the term loosely), among them Abraham Lincoln, Will Rogers, Woody Guthrie, Mary Oliver, and Annie Dillard. But if I had to pick a quote to live by it would be one of Lincoln's. It's not erudite or terribly memorable on its face but to me it is one of the simplest and hardest true statements...

Most people are about as happy as they make up their minds to be.

- Abraham Lincoln
The idea that "happy" does not result from your circumstances, what (or who) you have, or the things you wish for, runs counter to our culture -- doesn't it? We all feel entitled to something. I just have to look at my credit card statement to know I'm not immune. Even now, with a sick horse and possibly big vet bills, I've been perusing Ebay's HD camcorders for one with a better zoom (Dressage at Devon coming up!). Yep, I'm looking, but it's more of a pleasant diversion than a real search.

"I can't be happy now because..."
I'm all het up about my horse. But you know what, Riley has adapted marvelously -- stuck in his stall since July, he looks content -- ears pricked, pleasant face, hopeful and grateful for a treat or back scratch. With the exception of a couple of days post-surgery, he's been uniformly upbeat. Riley totally gets Abe Lincoln. I'm still workin' on it.

Oh, might as well get it out of my system and end on another quote from Princess Bride...
Buttercup: You mock my pain!
Westley: Life is pain, Highness! Anyone who says differently is selling something.


  1. A friend of mine has an extra ticket for the reserved section Saturday night. Last year having a roof over our heads was such a life saver in the rain! If you want is just let me know.

  2. Glad Riley is doing well. Hang in there, he is "worth the wait". Hubby and I are coming up to Devon too. We will be arriving on the
    24th- would love to meet up with you and the BTB folks. Let me know
    Debbie- AKA rabbitmom1 :>)

  3. I'll be at Devon on Tuesday, most of the day, and Sat evening. Will meet up w/anyone, but fair warning, I'm a moving target at the breed show!

  4. It's so true. I know lots of people who are always angry and frustrated with their jobs, their bosses, their finances, whatever. They don't even realize that they just need to look for things to be happy about and enjoy life. We only get one shot at it anyways.

  5. Maybe Riley's good mood is because he knows something that you don't--he's going to be fine.

    It's hard to maintain optimism when you just don't know what's going on. Hopefully some of your efforts will pay off with answers about that xray and how Riley is doing.

    Have fun at Devon. I haven't been there in years.

  6. Sometimes simple and uncomplicated is well, right. I agree with Abe. I also agree with The Princess Bride - one of my favorite movies. Have fun at Devon!

  7. Just had to say that one of my friends would be very happy to see a quote from Abe Lincoln, she loves him!

  8. Thanks on the bit! I have tix, not sure where, plus I don't know if Bob will go, he is not a good "sitter." So I may have an extra ticket myself...


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