Thursday, September 17, 2009's video clip on rider position

Riley update: No real change, he is happy, sweet, walking well, but the surgical site is iffy. Monday there was no drainage, Yahooo!, and then Wednesday it was back. I'm going to try skipping the saline wash and see if that makes a difference.

In this video, Felicitas von Neumann helps a former hunter rider develop a dressage seat and improved body position. It is really like watching a clinic and it was not the same old tired statements, she offers new ideas. For more info go to I don't currently subscribe but it may be a Christmas present (from Bob)...


  1. That was really cool... thanks for sharing! Really useful info for a hunter rider as well, not just for dressage. I have trouble keeping my hips and shoulders straight (I want to twist to the left), and I'm going to try that sitting left of center/right of center thing to help get myself sitting straight. Makes me want my trainer to give me a longe lesson!

  2. Haven't had a lunge lesson in years. It's a great way to work on your seat. Great video. Thanks. Gave me a few things to think about.

  3. Thanx! I loved the lesson and hope to incorporate some of that advice today when I ride. I too, have a tendency to have off balance hips and will try that right/left seatbone exercise. Luckily I have a horse that goes bridleless easily in the round pen. Thanx again!

  4. I audted a clinic with Felicitas Von Neumann, lol i remember the bicycle exercise.

    she is very good and the rider in the clinic i audted definitley was in a better position and better able to flow with her horse after.

    she is also VERY sweet.

  5.'s video clip on rider position
    Felicitas von Neumann is always an inspiration. I love her explanations of what needs to be done, as well as why. She doesn't just give orders, she tells you why she's having you do the exercises, what to watch out for, what to expect, and what to strive for. Her descriptions of the movements of both the horse and rider make every experience educational. Lovely animal, by the way!


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