Friday, September 18, 2009

Reflections of my life? Well... No... Friday's quote

It hasn't been the greatest week, and there are some sad, whiny quotes I could hit you with. Instead I'll hit you with some whiny lyrics that I've always found utterly hilarious...
The world is a bad place, a sad place, a terrible place to live.
Oh, but I don't wanna die.

Why so glum, chum?
Those are some pretty limited choices, huh? I can just see some angry teen sitting on his bed under a Kiss poster writing that song. "Reflections of my life" was recorded by The Marmalade in the early 70s. If you haven't heard it, or seen it performed, here it is...

I make fun, but it's quite a tuneful song and the band's collective vocal abilities are off the charts for a rock band of that era. Bob and I listened and enjoyed when I found this...


  1. OK, that's a real upperdowner.

    Have you heard any news on any of the "feelers" you put out there to other vets? Any word on the Xrays?

    I still say if Riley is smiling he's the one to know.

    Somewhere, a while ago, I read and article about horses that heal people....true medicine horses. I can't seem to find the link, but somehow, I keep thinking perhaps Riley's energy is is trying to reassure you.

    Hope you have a better weekend.

  2. Jean's comment made me smile. I hope things look up soon.

  3. I am getting answers/insight from the folks I'm talking to, but have been reluctant to write in the blog about specifics of what is going on. Riley's hoof situation is stable for now and I'll probably schedule an appointment for followup in the second week of oct. We are likely going to change to a new clinic.

    BTW, please don't take this blog entry at its face, it's meant as a joke :-).

  4. I know you are kidding about the song, but not about the worry. I'm glad you are finding ways of lightening your mood.

    Remember, we are here for moral support, if nothing else. *G*


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