Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Barn ethics and etiquette (how do you rate?)

This little test of barn ethics is totally anonymous and totally fabricated (in one night, no less). But fill i out, and be honest! After you finish, click Submit to see how your answers compared to others. Also you can also tally up your points check them against the scale at the bottom to see just how good or evil you are.

What does it all mean? If you scored

10 or under: You're the equestrian Miss Manners
11-20: Not a saint -- welcome to the human race
21-30: I'm stayin' out of your way...
Over 30: Eeeeevul.


  1. I'm a Miss Manners, apparently. I always tried to treat others as I wanted to be treated. The only time I might really take over the riding arena was when I had my very green horse and I was about to canter. Then I'd ask everyone else to just watch out in case things got out of hand. Kept a few people out of the arena, but it was a safety issue.

    Now, I can do what I want as the Boys are home and there are no other boarders here. I am beyond perfection now!! *G*

  2. I am also miss manners, but will tell someone if they are doing something dangerous or wrong (in a nice way I hope though).
    And along those lines, I pressed submit and it said "sorry, you have to add up your own points"!
    And I wasn't sure where the tally of other responses was...

  3. I think it should appear below the text of the confirmation (it did for me...)

  4. I'm miss manners too. actually on the questions about "borrowing" things; I'm usually the borrowee not the borrower.

  5. Hello, I'm another "Miss Manners", too. My somewhat darker side comes out in the riding ring.

    While I don't have "ride rage" I expect the same attention to manners from the other riders that I practice myself. If somebody's boneheaded or inconsiderate moves get me in trouble, I will let them know about it, immediately. I will always ask first if I can lunge in the arena when others are riding, I try to keep away from everyone and pass on the left. I call my jumps well ahead of time and stop immediately when another rider is in trouble. All those years in the warm-up rings at the H/J shows gives you that gladiator training, LOL. ;)

  6. I'm Miss Manners too! My pet peeve is trainers who do not teach or correct their riders in the warm up ring when calling out jumps!! Just say outside line, red jump, blue jump, whatever! And don't jump them backwards people!!



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