Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Perfect Qredit: Quaterback yearling colt wins at Devon

Both videos below can be viewed in high definition, but it may take longer (choose HD option on Youtube)...

Winner, Yearling colts and geldings, 79.70%
Winner, Colt/Gelding Championship GA/USDFBC qualifier
Winner, Young Horse Championship
Congrats to breeder Judy Yancey and Michelle Coursin, owner!

Fourth place in this class and shown below was Daytona ISF (NOT Delmar ISF as originally published). Daytona is by Contango, from Iron Spring Farm. Delmar ISF, also in the class, received 2nd place but I have no video for him :-(


  1. Kudos to the handlers. They really have to run to keep up with those trots! Lovely boys, both. The Quarterback baby does look to have a bigger trot, though.

    However, I'd take either one and be more than happy. *G*

  2. It was a little hard to tell from quality of the videos, but the Quaterback colt looked like a leg mover instead of a back mover (a lot like his dad). I prefer the ISF baby.

  3. The ISF baby did sit down nicely, but he certainly is a heavier type. I'm kind of a Qback groupie and thought Qredit was just lovely.

  4. Both horses had nice swinging backs and swaying hips. The wide steps in P.Q.'s hind foretell fantastic potential for the higher movements!

  5. Michelle aka Qredits ownerSeptember 23, 2009 at 10:01 PM

    Qredit is going through a growth spurt...if you notice he's butt high and didn't show his true trot. If you saw his real trot it would take your breath away.

  6. Michelle, after having heard Quaterback's walk being a "relative weakness" I was also gratified to see Qredit's nice walk. Thought his trot was impressive for any age.

    I've used this blog to gush over Quaterback and his babies in the past, it is exciting to see one in person.

  7. I love Quarterback! He's just super and he's throwing some real beauties! You know Qredit was the first Quarterback baby born in North America and possibly outside of Europe. Qredit's dam Dream Rubina helped with the walk but Quarterback has so much influence and I love he passed on his super trot and canter to my boy. You know he got the Grand today:-)!

  8. YEEEESSS!!!! I just pulled up the results a few hours ago.

    Riley went to Devon as a yearling (we qualified for the USDF championships by the skin of our teeth). We didn't place, but the whole experience is just one big wonderful memory. I can't even imagine how you must be feeling -- over the moon!

  9. Hi - the video you have posted is of Daytona ISF. Contango x Rabiola ( Metall x Zadok)

    selmar ISF is bay & has a funny white marke on his face like paint splattered a bit

  10. Thanks for the correction Meghan, my apologies.


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