Friday, September 4, 2009

The high-priced hoof...

I got the farrier bill for the backwards shoe that was put on Riley at the vet clinic. One plain shoe, no particular frills except being applied backwards: $214. I'm slated for a reset at the clinic when we return on the 9th. Will that bring my total to $424???? For one hoof? Yikes.

This is from Sept. 2 -- not much change, really, except that the hoof wound is now completely closed. I'd like to completely close my wallet, Riley.


  1. Are you sure he didn't use gold nails? That is really expensive for one shoe, even in the ritzy part of town.

    Riley's hoof looks great! It always amazes me how fast a horse can heal.

    Good luck with the rest of the bills. I shudder to think...but Riley is worth every penny.

  2. That seems A LOT for just ONE hoof!! Did you ask why the price is different for just one, set backwards?

  3. Can you stop the bandaging now that the hoof has closed? Or does it still need some protection?

  4. Oh my goodness! Well, glad that he's doing so well, but yikes! Thank goodness there are wonderful people willing to help our animals but $214 (maybe times two) for a backwards shoe? Yowza!!

  5. $214??? *choke choke*...

    I have no words for that price.. simply none.

    Rubs to Riley- tell him to get better quick like so this nonsense can ease up on your wallet and everything else!

  6. I think it will need to be bandaged until there is horny growth to cover the soft tissue -- another 2-3 weeks maybe?

  7. Wow! We had a mare with an old injury that required a backwards shoe full time, and we never paid extra for it at all.

  8. I had a similar experience this week with my farrier - two front shoes (albeit that have side "clips" not a front one) and a back trim, and an not asked for "barn call" two days prior, came to a whopping $220. That's half my board!!
    The farrier our barn uses is very good, but pricey, and despite his assurances that our barn gets a "significant discount" on his regular prices, I am seriously considering switching farriers...
    so to sum it all up, it's comforting to hear that I'm not the only one paying exorbitant farrier fees at the moment!

  9. I don't get it. Why is it so expensive? If it's on backwards, they can't even heat set it. So, cold shoe... regular nails... no excessive sedation/surgery/bandaging (from the farrier)... I'm confused...

    Sounds like a farrier has an 'undeserved sense on entitlement' to your WALLET! geez!

    Are you going to ask why it's going to be that much? I'd love to hear why it's that much... I can't wrap my mind around that many dollar signs for two shoes, one backward and one forward...

    Hopefully, that burning smell (from your checkbook) will subside soon. :)

  10. do you not have veto rights and have the shoe re-set at home by your own farrier? Hate it when people over charge with a charming sense od entitelment!

  11. This link may be of interest. It changed my life, and that of my horses.


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