Thursday, September 3, 2009

If anything happens to me...

Well, I took one of those goofy online tests, and this one doesn't surprise me at all. Sure, both cats seem to like me, but when Bob gets home it's clear who the Big Man on Kitty Campus is. It's man-worship, plain and simple. And since I've been in the picture, I get at least equal time with Bob the feline man-God -- they're no longer his two-and-only. And yes, there are subtle signs of resentment. Once in awhile, when red kitty is lying at my feet on the couch, I can see him looking at me with cool detachment. What pleasure does she bring? If she were to disappear who would miss her? I'm not sure I like the conclusions he's drawing. Yes, I think the quiz is right....

Is your cat plotting to kill you?


  1. Supposedly there is a 76% chance my kitties are trying to kill me.

    But, but...but...THEY LOVE ME!!!

    Since I have four kitties, does that mean I actually have a 300% chance of being killed?

    This boggles the mind.....

  2. Just keep feeding us the treats and you should be okay...

  3. Apparently there is an 85% chance my three are plotting to kill me. Although our house is backwards from yours: the cats like my husband but all three argue over who gets to sit with mommy. I end up with them all squished on top of me so I can't get off the couch. Maybe it is a girl VS boy thing? Our three are girls.

  4. HILARIOUS post, thanks for the laugh! I love kitties!


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