Thursday, October 1, 2009

I have time...

Whether you're thinking about training a horse or rehabbing one, this is a wonderful quote (which I stole from a COTHer sig line)...

When training the horse the rider must repeat over and over again—I have time. It takes time—a great deal of it—for a horse to develop and to understand what is required of him.

Alois Podhajsky

Riley update
The news on Riley is good, for the most part. They don't feel any bone is infected, though they aren't certain. So no surgery, no dramatic procedures, and the concerns (discharge, soreness) are being addressed with antibiotics and other non-invasive procedures. New Bolton isn't a fan of surgery through the sole of the foot -- they don't normally do it, for reasons I'm oh so familiar with -- it is slow healing, high maintenance, and there is and higher incidence of complications such as infection. As to his future soundness/wellness? Riley needs more time to heal before they can really assess him -- too much scar tissue right now. More details in my next blog entry, plus I posted a quick update on Facebook.

Thanks so much to all of you for the kind thoughts. I am hoping the next few months of blog postings are routine/undramatic -- culminating with a few shots of me sitting on Riley with a big grin.


  1. This sounds like good news. With the medication, perhaps things will clear up quickly.

    Don't second guess yourself about how you had Riley treated, however. Ask five vets and you'll get five different answers for things like that.

    I am looking forward to that picture of you smiling in the saddle on your lovely boy.

  2. That's good news - conservative treatment, plus time, will with luck do the trick - and you're right, we do have time - whatever it takes.

  3. Oh that would be a great see a picture of you on Riley! Sending hugs, heeling white light, prayers, jingles and whatever else might help him along!

    PS It will be nice to see positive progress about Riley on your blog over the next few months.

  4. I am glad to hear you are getting some answers, treatment and a plan to carry forward.

    Some horses are such a roller coaster ride... I've got one of those too and the ride ain't over yet for me either. I FEEL your anxiety/pain/worry etc...

    I'm still jingling for Riley!

  5. Sounds more optimistic, I'm glad to hear it. I enjoyed the quotation too. How true.

  6. That sounds like good news for Riley!

  7. So glad to hear the good news, will be praying!


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