Friday, October 2, 2009

Must watch Youtube: The toughest of sports

This is a WOW video in my opinion -- eleven minutes of "old time" three day eventing, action, interviews, and all the riders I grew up reading about. I'm guessing it's the 70's, Jimmy Wofford is a young man, Torrence Watkins, Mike Plumb, Karen Stives, others. Dicey footage, no one hurt...


  1. Eventing at that level always amazes me. Both horse and rider are supreme athletes. When I evented, way back when, those riders where the masters I looked to.

    The good old a way, when riders fell, remounted and continued the course if they were able. But today, the courses have somehow gotten more dangerous...or is it that the horses and riders no longer prepare themselves as thoroughly as they did "back in the day?" Were there fewer fatalities back then? Did we ignore safety issues we no longer tolerate?

    Either way, is eventing the "pure" test it once was or has something changed?

  2. That was fascinating! The mishap at the end and at the water jump sure scared me though.

  3. As many eventing videos as I've watched, I still get emotionally involved. I said many, "Oh, S**t"s and "oh,crap!" And I couldn't help but think, "The Head of the Lake sucks!" and "Why do we put horses through this?"
    I was curious as to how old this was? Jim Woffard and Michael Plumb? Roads and tracks? Haven't they stupdily taken that out, or is it just at the Olympic level?
    Someone once said that eventing horses have to be a little crazy. Sigh, yes, perhaps, to put up with all we put them through.

    I'm still thinking, Oh ****

    But thanks for sharing.

  4. Being an eventer, the sport has definitely changed. We no longer have 4 stages, much to many riders' dismay. Now we only have D.
    I see this as a major problem with fitness. You just don't see horse and rider pairs in the same shape you used to see them in.

  5. Cool footage, but how can you say, "no one hurt?" I guess having one's heart stop and suffering a serious concussion is just a boo boo when you're an eventer.

  6. You're right Long Island -- it would be more accurate to say "no one dead."

  7. Wow, that was interesting. My husband watched it with me. I had to explain how it is no longer as grueling now.
    Blogger xinaxran said...

    Being an eventer, the sport has definitely changed.[...]You just don't see horse and rider pairs in the same shape you used to see them in.

    I don't event but I've had to wonder that myself. I also wonder if the riders aren't as good (safe). I've seen a few I think could use some longe lessons before they jump.

  8. Golly what beautiful athletic horses and what riding!

  9. Wow, thanx for posting that blast from the past! I was a big Jimmy Woford fan back in the day.
    Yes, eventing sure has changed. I don't like to just make sweeping generalities so suffice to say for some it's a change to the better but for some it's a change for the hurried. Great post!

  10. You know, I thought Jimmy Wofford's interview was a little intense, esp. compared to the guy in the cowboy hat. I wish the video had names next to the people being interviewed. I knew Torrence Watkins but who is the dark haired woman in the orange shirt?


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