Saturday, October 3, 2009

More Dressage at Devon (not my footage)

The winning ride at DAD 2009 Freestyle. This is not my video footage (this one I just watched!). THANKS TO On the Bit for sharing this with everyone on Youtube. All I did was embed her nice footage...


  1. I really wanted to go this year but just didn't have the time, thanks for the videos!

  2. Lots of piaffe and passage in that test. Nice tours too. The music is very rhythmical, but seems kind of "muddy" as far as melody. Could be the audio on the video, however. Amazing how well most horse/rider combinations nowadays have music so well attuned to the horse's gaits....bless the digital age.

    And again, another horse not all bottled up in front.

  3. That would be my footage. hahaha...good thing I read your blog.


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