Saturday, October 31, 2009

Tennessee tango

This is a fun video -- I'm not much for this kind of equestrian 'half-time' performance, but the concept is intriguing and the dancing (on the part of dancer and horse) is quite lovely. A charming pair!

The Tango
Uploaded by Horsedancer. -


  1. There was a professional performance a few years ago pairing a human dancer and horse. As I recall the human had the worst of it as he had to work in the soft footing and found it a tremendous physical effort.

    I think that performance was much more physical than this tango, but what a great concept, nonetheless.

  2. My first thought was that must be hard work for the dancer in the soft ground. I'd rather see the RCMP musical ride myself :-) but that was nicely done.

  3. what a treat on this blustery cold grey day...thank you :)


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