Friday, October 30, 2009

Crimson Satan: A sound addition to any pedigree!

Crimson Satan has been touted on listservs lately as a great horse to find in a pedigree -- a "soundness improver." He is by Spy Song out of an Argentine mare, Papila. Bred by Peter W. Salmen Sr., he was born in 1959 and became the Champion 2-Year-Old of 1961 winning 7 of 13 starts. He was retired to stud having won 18 of 58 starts and winning $795,077.

His influence as a racing stud has been to pass along "precocious speed," although he himself was not distance limited. He was the sire of the second dam of Storm Cat.

The sound of soundness
Sport horse breeders love to see him in sport horse bloodlines, especially in these days of delicate legs and bad feet. He is considered a source of soundness improvement (58 starts, retired sound!) and good bone. His mother, Papila, is considered one of the best mares imported from South America -- her get showed their longevity in the number of starts they had:
133, 92, 89, 72, 54. One breeder pointed out that the horses that didn't make it at the track went on to be successful jumpers.

And he has dapples about the saddle area, just like Riley! The dappled devil.

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  1. Ooopsie do...don't think his name shows up in my Boys' pedigrees...*G*

  2. What a gorgeous horse Crimson Satan was. I've heard very favorable reports about him too.

  3. My mare is grand-daughter by Seattle Slew and her mother is grand-daughter of Crimson Satan.She also has Princequillo in her bloodline in the mareline. I just had her inspected and registered to the American Hanoverian Society-- she had high scores m mostly 8's-- now she is bred to Rubignon -- aGrand Prix sire who can also jump !! Can't wait to see the baby-- what incredible bloodlines and potential !!

  4. Princequillo is well-known as a producer of sport horse types. Harvey is from a Princequillo son or grandson.

    Anon I would LOVE to see a picture of your mare -- it is NOT easy to get a tb mare approved for the hanoverian registry. Is she an elite mare candidate?


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