Thursday, October 29, 2009

Riley update

Riley is doing well 3/4 of the way through "Treatment, Phase 2" (antibiotics). His last noxious dose of Chloramphenicol is Monday, and local vet feels he is over the hump. And if that ain't enuf, my plain brown wrapper of a 3 year old has dapples. Here's a little video featuring the dapples, and also a bit of footage of Harv, who is a little under the weather after his fall shots this morning.

We will return to New Bolton on November 11 to check his progress. There there is still very slight drainage from the hoof, and I'd like their farrier to re-shoe him. If there is anything funny going on in the hoof or on the x-rays, he'll be right where he needs to be. Of course I will blog about our return to the Mother Ship. After this, if all goes well, no more hospital road trips for Riley.


  1. Maybe Harv is a little disappointed in not having any buns to bite. *G*

    Riley looks super in spots! Dapples are always a good sign.

    Looking forward to a good report from the vet.

  2. So great that he's wrapping up treatment! Hope that the vet visit confirms things are going well.

  3. My horses have dapples all over when they shed in the spring. My vet told me it is a sign of a healthy horse.


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