Thursday, October 8, 2009

A Dell laptop saved my horse!

I'm being facetious, it didn't actually save Riley, but here's the story.

Wed 3pm in my office
At work yesterday, just back from my last meeting of the day, I start thinking about Riley. For some reason I'm feeling an urge to go see him, but I have an appointment to get my hair cut after work. Frustration. So I'm typing away at my laptop, maybe using a bit more force than is called for.

Wed 3:10pm: My laptop speaks!
I swear this really happened. I'm typing an email, using only the qwerty part of the keyboard, and suddenly a key comes flying off. It lands on the desk between my hands. I don't remember touching this key--pictured right--why would it jump practically into my lap?

There's only one answer. It must be a sign from God. "Pause! Take a break!" commands The Almighty (through a Dell Latitude). I make a faith-based decision and sign out at 3pm. Now I have time to see Riley before my hair appointment.

3:30ish: Uh. Oh.
When I get there, God's plan is revealed. Riley not looking so good, and needs help. His head is down at his knees, and his eyes are dull. He's got a 102.1 fever, a depressed attitude, and his foot is swollen to the fetlock. He's walking gingerly. On the positive side, he is still eating, drinking, pooping, and the surgical site looks okay. Although part of me wants to, I don't sit in front of his stall and sob hysterically. For once, my response is measured and thoughtful.

Wednesday, 5:00pm
By the time I'm done checking his vitals and such, it's after 5pm. I make a few calls, leaving a non-urgent message on my vet's office number, asking for a call in the morning. My New Bolton vet is at a conference, and I tell them not to page her. Riley gets 1 gram of bute, and the barn manager says she'll check him later that night.

She does call me later, and his temp down to 100, but he is too quiet and his eyes have a glazed look.

Thursday, 5:45am
I drive out in the a.m., having slept badly. But the news is good! Riley's temp is 99.4 and the swelling is down. He's hungry, chipper, and while I try to check his foot he chews one of the buttons off my jacket. His hoof wound shows no discharge.

Thurs 8am
My vet calls. She thinks that Riley has some cellulitus from the antibiotic perfusion last week, which uses a catheter and tourniquet to force the meds into his foot. He has been slightly swollen since his return from New Bolton, and I buted him lightly over the weekend. The vet is visiting the farm to see another horse Friday morning, and she'll take a look at Riley while she's there. Her tone is upbeat, and she says something wonderful: "Stacey, I really think he's over the hump."

Thurs 1pm
The barn manager should be calling me with the results of his temp check. If I hear, I'll let ya know. In any case I'll be out there tonight.


  1. Whew - that's good - what a scare! At least the computer gods were on your side that time!

  2. Glad the scare is over! Cheers to smooth sailings from now on!

  3. It's good that he picked up again, but it is strange that Riley was so down though. I can't wait to hear what the vet says tonight.

  4. His temp was 99.4 tonight. I can still he he isn't 100%

    When I went to handwalk him he tried to bolt, slipped, and fell on his side.


    He seems to be okay, and the vet comes Friday....

  5. Oh my goodness! What a freaky set of coincidences at work. The best one is that the vet will be in the area able to look in on Riley for you.

    Hope you both are feeling better in the AM.

  6. Stacy, hang in there...and just for the record: God does work like that! :)

  7. Fantastic that your computer gave you 'a sign'!! Riley, Riley, Riley. I think he needs some bubble wrapping! Glad to hear his little setback was just that...little!

    PS - Your hair looks fine standing on end! LOL!

  8. Awesome and wonderful that you knew to listen!

  9. You are the best mom ever!! Hang in there.

  10. This proves it: whenever your laptop speaks, you should listen!

    I'm glad Riley is feeling a little bit better now.

  11. That's crazy! I guess you weren't listening to your intuition enough so you had to be "forced" to pause. I'm glad he's doing better - hope it continues on the same way!

  12. Gosh, you and Riley are having a time of it. I do hope the vet is right and he really is over the hump.

  13. Gah, what a day! You have both been SO through the wringer.
    I am a total believer in serendipity, notifications from God, and intuition. Riley is lucky you pay attention!

  14. God works in strange ways sometimes, keyboard key falls off you need a break, coincidence? i think not!!!!


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