Sunday, October 18, 2009

My crush on John Denver is alive and well

For those lamenting that this post isn't horse-related, skip to the 4th video (your loss :-)

Last week Bob and I saw John Denver on a rerun of the Midnight Special TV show. In the seventies, John Denver totally ruled. He embodied the ideal man to me and my friends -- romantic, outdoorsy, upbeat, and a little goofy. I'm not sure if we wanted to marry him, but we wanted to be the kind of girl he would marry. He coined the phrase, far out! Oh, for you readers under 30, far out was the seventies version of awesome! My horse-obsessed buddies and I used a variation, farm out!, which could mean far out or it could mean going to the barn.

John Denver died on October 12, 12 years and a week ago today. There's great live footage of his music on Youtube -- it gives me renewed appreciation for his musicanship, amazing tenor vocals, and the honesty he brings to his performance. Who else could sing these lyrics and make you believe them?
Oh, and also he's really hot...

Rhymes and Reasons for Unicef (bonus at the end)

Mother Nature's Son

Thank God I'm a Country Boy

Horse and the Eagle

John Denver and Cass Elliot, Leaving on a Jet Plane



  1. I liked John Denver too. Losing his talent was so sad.

    Quite often, when people I meet start singing his song "Jean" when they find out my name, so in a sense, he "haunts" me a bit. *S*

  2. I really loved his music, but he was known to be an awful husband! He publicly admitted to being a drunk, cheating on his wife and abusing one of them I wish I was making it up, but it's true...he was also divorced twice and arrested twice in the 90's for drunk driving.

  3. I can't hear you lalalalalalala!

    Ack, nothing is as we imagine it to be.

    Tom Waits, the other love of my life, said "Life's so different than it is in your dreams..."

  4. Ah, his voice still gives me chills! I loved his ballads.

  5. We had his records when I was young and I remember seeing him on the Muppet Show or something. I bet you didn't want to hear that! ;) But I still enjoy his songs too.


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