Saturday, October 17, 2009

Quaterback: The French Connection

Rolling Stone Farm just posted video of the 2009 babies!! I attended this inspection and was totally wow'ed. Take a look at the videos if you have time, go to and click on the list of babies on the right. My faves are the Rousseau and the Quaterback (shocker) but they are all nice...

The French Connection
I recieved an email from a breeder in France -- there's a French connection to Quaterback. The farm is crossing Lusitanos with Quaterback, and I wish there were videos of the babies, the pix make me want to see more. Here are the images I could find on their Web site, which is in French.

Can you stand a little more - some Qback foals from other farms?

Dogwood Sport Horses


Walnut Farm

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  1. I LOVE the Quarterback/Florincio colt. And his dam looked so soft and lovely. I see what you mean about falling in love with Riley's dam. But I must admit I am blinded by chrome :0)


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