Tuesday, November 3, 2009

For Horses Only! The Rollkur Poll

I've shared my views on rollkur, and of course every horsie bulletin board has thread after impassioned thread of on the topic. It occurs to me we're missing an important viewpoint. How 'bout we let *horses* weigh in on rollkur! Here's a poll, just for them.

Note: Owners may respond on behalf of their horses if they're really, really sure...

Russian Front, 1942

Horses only!
If you had to choose,
which one would you pick?

Next week's poll:
Which would you choose?
A tour of duty in Afghanistan
(I'm kidding, there won't really be a poll next week)


  1. I agree that in the grand scheme of things Rollkur is far from the ultimate evil for horses. In comparison to what some disciplines do to achieve their results it is downright mild. But I also think that in order for those high up to actually crack down on it as a cruel training method that isn't appropriate, it's going to take massive outrage from horse lovers.
    Also, my horse voted Red Delicious apple, but he said it was a tough call, as he considers them the most flavorless/textureless of the apples!

  2. Harvey foams profusely at the mouth when we feed him red delicious apples -- we have to clean up the floor afterward. He finds Gala apples acceptable, particularly at the end of the meal where the tartness cleanses the palate...

  3. I likes apples!! All kinds! I loves them, I does!--Chance

    Apples is good but carrots is better.--Toby


  4. Our former equine vet is on tour in Afghanistan, taking care of the pack animals there. He is signed up to do his second tour starting all too soon. We sure miss him, and keep him in our prayers!

    As tot he poll.. lol.. Sonny says FOOD. Period!

  5. My pony likes HoneyCrisp apples the best (there is a whole hierarchy of apples in his world). Unfortunately, he has excellent taste, and the hierarchy matches up perfectly with the cost of the apples. Sigh.

  6. I also have a blog post about Rollkur, and a link to one of the petitions. I am not one of those who usually goes off the deep end about training gimmicks, and less than stellar moral values on the part of "trainers".
    However, here we are talking about the International Governing Body of Equestrian Olympic disciplines turning a blind eye to a blatantly abusive practice to avoid an embarrassing situation for themselves. A (meaning: ONE) successful international trainer without scruples (or morals) has "gotten over" on the FEI by cramming this abuse down their throats with the same deception as the "Emporer with his new clothes". It IS time for outrage. This has been going on for TEN YEARS on the international level dressage. It goes against everything that has to do with the principles of riding, and because this ONE rider has been gold medalist for the last few Olympics, Rollkur has slowly gained ground and "acceptance" as the only way to "get to the gold"...and since the original perpetrators SUE everyone who dares to speak against it, it has been perpetuated. And because the FEI has not condemned it for fear of a lawsuit, more and more riders are seduced into cruelty. I will quit now, before I get on my soapbox. I apologize if I am coming off too strongly.

  7. 8 million horses are estimated to have died during world war I. they fought along side humans and their contribution is unimaginable...therefore we should show them the respect, appreciation and admiration they deserve, not have an International Governing Body of Equestrian Olympic disciplines turning blind eye to such an unecessary abuse to make $$$ or boost one's ego...

  8. I'm confident Armani would choose food over all other options. Were you to offer an all-food poll, he'd say "c) All of the above". So I answered on his behalf.

    Pretty sure you know or can guess how I feel about Rollkur; and the "blue tongue" video of late. So I'll spare you my grouchiness!


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