Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Horses and motherhood: Ch-ch-changes!

This equestrian mom
had twin boys...
I know several young women -- lifelong, accomplished, equestrians -- who have recently had babies. All of them are just radiant in their motherhood. They are finding time to ride, even with competing priorities of work, being a mom, and being a wife. But make no mistake, horses are backburnered when there is a new baby (or babies, see lower right photo). After all, you're a young mom only once, but a horsewoman forever, right?
Repurposing those old
horse show ribbons

Are you ready?
I have to wonder how one makes the transition from a horse-focused to a baby-focused mindset. I suspect that some aren't nearly as successful as the new moms I know. So here is a little quiz for you young horsewomen who are hearing the tick tock of the biological clock. Find out if you're really, really ready...



If you scored: You'll be a:
13-16 Marvelous mom!
8-12 Mostly good mom.
4-7 Marginal mom.
Below 4 We might see you on Nancy Grace!


  1. Hmmm...while I was taking it I was hoping this was like golf...lowest score wins! Guess I'll be sticking to the fur babies for a while.

  2. No children, no plans, and now too old...but I made the decision long ago. I'm not sure I would have been selfless enough to be a mother.

    And little kids are adorable, as long as they belong to someone else.

    Then, again, I did become a teacher, so in a way, I have raised hundreds of kids. *G*

  3. Don't forget those of us out there who have ZERO interest in mom-hood ever, we'll keep our horses thanks! It's time "birthin' young'uns" stopped being a default practice for women!

  4. Hmm glad I don't want to be a mom to human babies. :D

  5. You raise a kid right and they can be a real dab hand around the stables for you.

  6. Oh dear. This does not bode well for me, lol.
    I laughed SO HARD at clicker training. Still laughing! Thinking, hmmm, would that work on my child??
    And when I had my c-section, that WAS one of my first questions.. how long till I can ride? I ended up riding 2 weeks early, on a horse I'd let sit too long and got bucked off pretty hard. Dr. was NOT happy w/me.
    I also asked an old ranch cowgirl w/5 kids how she did it, she said ride while they're still in the car seat stage. You can do a lap around the arena and then check on them as you ride past (mounting block made me think of that) She said once they start walking you might as well just put them on a horse.

    Don't tell Nancy Grace, but I think I flunked this one...

    Excellent post, best laugh I had all day :)

  7. hillarious!! might need to show the result to my husband who is trying to convince me to have a baby(i am super content with the furry ones)- maybe he will change his mind? ;o) and thanks i am really enjoying your blog

  8. I have the best of both worlds. I am a young professional with an eleven month old son. My husband was working from home but is now a full time stay at home Dad while he finishes up a screenplay and I get to train and teach all week. My son is still breastfed, I had him naturally (so I was in great shape after he was born and riding again after he was 4 months old). My son loves the barn, horses, goats, cattle, dogs....you name it. The only problem I have now is that I no longer feel invincible and do not take on the severely problematic or young horses I once did. I will leave those to other people and will take the Steady Eddies any day now. That doesn't mean, though, that you won't see me out there next summer doing the level 4s or 5s while my hubs and babe cheer me on:)

  9. I think Jean must be my secret twin, since I agree with *everything* she wrote today...only I became a (children's/teen services) librarian instead of a teacher. Same diff, though: kids are awesome as long as I can send them home with somebody else!

  10. I hope you all will tune in when I'm on Nancy Grace!

    Ok Seriously though. I'll be 30 next year and I'm getting pressure from everyone, mom, inlaws, husband, friends, coworkers to have kids. I have zero desire to right now.

    And any time I think about it, I just think about "How long will I be out of the saddle? While I'm pregnant can I afford full training for my horses? Will my husband baby sit while I'm at shows?" It's not that my horses are surrogate children. It's just that horses are my lifestyle and I don't want to have to give that all up for motherhood.

    I was laughing at your quiz because it is so true about me. And see I figure if I think like that, then any kid would be pretty mad to have me as their mom.

  11. At 47 (going on 48) I have definitely missed the boat and have no regrets. There are plenty of kids in the world already, and Bob has his hands full with his two twenty-somethings. The only thing I envy about mothers is that they seem to have greater patience and tolerance than I seem to have developed in my life. But surely there's a way to acquire these traits without taking on motherhood.

  12. Hmm... 10 pts... good thing my sister AND my sister in law just had babies. I can spend a little more time in the saddle before my mom and MIL start asking me about having a baby of my own.

    And thats my pal Bronwynn!! She is an amazing woman, rider, mother and wife! (and her boys are the most adorable things EVER!)

  13. Great quiz! :)
    Reminded me to be thankful to have a husband and kids who love horse as much as I do - though I do think our family could've chosen a less expensive lifestyle to fall in love with!!!! :O

  14. LOL...love some of the questions. But, hard to relate, by daughter is an adult.

    Someone had fun though putting that together. Yes change is happening, anyone who says they're not going to change their life when they have children is either lying, preparing themselves to be a bad parent; or just plain crazy. A few of my friends said that when they were pregnant.....silly people.



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