Monday, November 16, 2009

Riley's early parole: Turnout!

The barn manager and Riley
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So most of you probably know that Riley has been cleared for turnout. As good as this news is, it's hard to trust it. Other specialists had told me it would be longer -- they wanted the hoof to grow completely down and out. New Bolton's recommendation makes sense to me based on the rads, the lameness evaluation, and the therapeutic shoe he is wearing. Also we can arrange for 'quiet turnout.'

Bob has not been to see Riley since early October--he said it was too upsetting to see him confined. I'm hoping that the both of us will soon be watching him enjoy the out of doors. If all goes well, he'll be on 1/3 an acre turnout with a baby-sitting oldster by Thanksgiving. But he has to get his ya-yas out first, and stay injury/lameness free. Here is our first session...

Youtube video (with captions, but lower quality)

I'm told that some of you live in countries that block Youtube, so here is a Vimeo version -- better quality, no captions...

Vimeo video (better quality, no captions)


  1. He's looking great - drugs can definitely be your horse's friend!

  2. Well, that was semi-exciting. I have a feeling the Ace was working overtime...pretty potent stuff, actually.

    Am I wrong or did that horse look pretty darn sound, even with the hospital plate and elastikon? He didn't trot much, but when he did...he looked really good.

    Don't look back. Things are looking great for you both.

  3. so glad to see Riley turned out :o) i had my boy on a stall rest for much less time that Riley was this summer, but I cannot express how delighted i was to turn him out again to play and socialize with his buddies...fingers crossed that he stays sound and healthy

  4. Wow - it was amazingly wonderful to see Riley out of his stall! I hope things continue to go smoothly and well for the handsome boy.

  5. That's nice to see :) What a long road you two have walked!

  6. He looks terrific! His coat is nice and shiny and his weight looks good, and for being stall bound for so long he looks pretty limber! I'm so happy for him!

  7. Even with his sore hoof he has such a lovely nice springy trot. Clearly he feels good, and that must make you feel good too. Yay for you both!

  8. Yay Riley! I hope he's almost done with all this mess and well on his way to being a healthy sound boy!

    It was hard to tell with his little highjinks, but he looked pretty sound to me.

  9. What a beautiful boy he is! Can totally see why you have spent every minute of your time and every last cent saving him. You've done a great job keeping the condition on, too. Keeping my fingers crossed for you that it's all "uphill" from here on in.

  10. LOL. . I love how you do the foghorn "woooahoo" every time he takes off ;P

    I would say that barn is worth every penny. He looks wonderful for a horse that has been cooped up that long (. . and I love-love that arena!)

  11. Wow, he's in awfully good condition considering the stall rest. He looks great!

  12. Whahooo!!! Riley is on the go. :) Hard to tell he's been on such long stall rest, his muscle tone looks good, and he is certainly moving freely.
    Good job mom!


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