Tuesday, November 10, 2009

A new Heather Blitz/Paragon video!

By the time you read this Riley may already be at New Bolton -- his appt. is for 11/11, at 11am (too bad it's not 2011). I'm not anticipating any major problems or revelations other than finding out exactly how long this stall rest business is likely to go on. Be thinking of my boy.

I've blogged/blathered about Heather Blitz's Paragon in a previous post. Heather just posted a new video of him!

If I had the talent to ride an upper level horse -- Paragon is the the one I would most want for my own. A friend of mine grilled me: "Not Totilas??? Not Quaterback???" I have no answer, other than to point out that a) Paragon could hold his own in any company I can think of, and b) there's no accountin' for taste. It's what appeals to you.

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There is something very special about Paragon -- a fluidity, a relaxation, a stretching through the neck, and a calm way of going. This great raw material comes from his sire Don Schufro, but Heather brings it all out. Thanks for a great video, HB, and for letting us follow your progress!


  1. Paragon is lovely! I can see why you would want to ride him.

    May Riley's trip to New Bolton bring nothing but good news for you both.

  2. What a gorgeous video -- I can see why you so admire this boy!

    Good luck for Riley's consultation. I'm sure they're going to give you a nice bright light at the end of the tunnel.

  3. Wow, he's gorgeous. Such a pretty mover!

  4. Jingles for a good report on Riley!

  5. Gorgeous! I love how unspectacular this is, in the sense that he doesn't appear tense or rushed. I remember how Anky's horse wouldn't even stand still for the "Halt at X and salute". He was so wound up he'd just keep piaffing. It makes for spectacular movements, but I'd find it pretty embarassing if my Grand Prix horse didn't even have the basic skill of standing still down ;)

    Paragon seems very relaxed and easy to ride, despite the big movement. That might just be the impression we get from the outside and a result of great riding, but that makes it all the more impressive.
    The only thing I don't like is that he often seems to get a bit behind the vertical, but nobody's perfect.

  6. Heather's form was the first thing I noticed. So many times, even the top trainers and riders look so tense and rushed. You could tell that she was thoroughly enjoying the ride. IMO, I think your temprament and mood is ALWAYS passed to the horse. Kudos to her for a wonderful ride.

    Paragon is a really nice mover. He has the nice gaits, without looking too cartoonish. I have to say that I agree with wespi about the ability to actually stand still is something that many perfomance horses lack (in all disciplines).

    I hope Riley is dong well at NB. I'll be waiting for an update! :)

  7. PARAGON!!!!
    geez i can't get away from him ;)
    i knew this horse when he was just one year old, his trot hasn't changed any. :D
    Heather is my favorite rider and person ever!!


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