Monday, November 9, 2009

WEG 2010: I'll be watching it on video...

I bought my WEG 2010 t-shirt in 2007, when I was at the Rolex 3 day event. In a Scarlett O'Hara moment, I told Bob, "God as my witness we're GOING to the WEG!"

It looks, though, like we'll be watching it on DVD.

I appreciate that it takes a lot of preparation and sprucing and renovation and staff and planning. But, when I saw the ticket prices, an old southern expression came to mind: "That's enough money to burn a wet mule." If you haven't yet experienced the sticker-shock, here is a rundown...

Low High
Low High
Daily Total
Sept 27
Grand Prix Team part 1$60-$90$60-$90$120-180
Sept 28Grand Prix Team part 2$60-$90$60-$90
Sept 29
Grand Prix Special part 1$90-$125$90-$125$180-250
For a grand (prix) total of...

Bring a spouse, and you could be spending $1220 just for tickets!!! Throw in a four night stay at Super 8 in Georgetown, KY ($660), a rental car ($120), and you're at about $2000ish plus air travel for two ($700?) and food, for a total of *$3000 let's say. The park and ride is free, at least.

By contrast, a seven day riding tour in the Exmoor National Park in jolly old England, including all accommodations, meals, riding, and taxes for two people is $2,000. Plane tix for two runs about $1200 on Priceline, so we're at $3200 for a vacation.

So if you have about $3,000 you can choose between...
  • a 4 day domestic vacation at a crowded, overpriced venue
  • a 7 day pony trek through the 300 square miles of moorlands in southern England
May you choose wisely.

The WEG also has a list of prohibited items, which includes bags larger than 12X12X12, anything that looks like a lunchbox or icebox, and food/beverages. Do they mean you can't bring your own food? Geez. That's how I got through Rolex!

My backup plan...
Well, there's always the General Admission tix to the Trade Fair. And, I have a surprise for those of you who are in the same boat as I am. Stay tuned!

*I'm pretty sure you can buy packages that make it cheaper....


  1. Traded a saddle to a friend for Olympic tickets back in '96. Not sure I have saddle worth a trip to the WEG.

    Too bad the prices are so high. The real grass roots horsemen who would really appreciate all the skill and talent in the competition probabaly won't be there. The people used to "buying" all the success will.

  2. I did not need to think about that at all. Exmoor Pony trekking is definitely the better choice. I get my dressage fill on late night RFDTV. I look forward to your blogs on the Exmoor ponies.

  3. I was sooo excited when I heard the WEGs were going to be in the U.S.

    Yeah, and then I saw the prices. I'll just stick with a t-shirt and watching it on NBC (at least they're broadcasting it! yes!)

    I have better things to spend my money on... like a horse :)

  4. I bought my tickets on 9/25 the day they went on sale, figuring it was a once in a lifetime opportunity for WEG in the U.S. I bought opening ceremonies, grand prix, freestyle, and cross country for about $1,200 and it took me 3 paychecks to get the Visa paid off. I'm kicking myself now, I've been horse shopping since August and have fallen head over heals for a mare that's about $1,500 out of my price range. If only I had skipped WEG tix! Plus, I did the Gerd Heushmann clinic last week, now I'm afraid I'm going to disapointed by some of the WEG rides/winners. . . At least I'm going in good company, it's a barn girls trip, complete with bourbon tour!

  5. This sounds like so much fun, but you're right....WAY overpriced. I guess in the end, the t-shirt might be the way to go!

  6. 12x12x12? What are they? Drunk? Charge that much money and presume to tell me what kind of handbag I can carry? My wallet is about six inches long, a handbag that size is useless to me! What? Are they used to trophy bimbos with their cute little evening bags? $3000? I don't think so. That's more then three months board for me. And they're going to put restrictions on the bag I can carry and rook me for food? Yeah, not. Exmoor all the way!

  7. Yeah, unfortunately I can't commit to those kind of ticket prices right now. I'd love to see an event or two because it is a once in a lifetime thing ... especially when I live less than a 5-hour drive away. I'm still planning on going and paying general admission to go the KY Horse Park and check out the Equine Village and tradeshow. Since I can drive, and I have friends in Lexington I can stay with for free, that is definitely worth while for me!

  8. I bought tickets. $750 for the dressage, which did not include the opening ceremonies. I have opted for not bothering with those, although the rest of our party is. This was the early-bird price, too. We have also rented a house in lieu of spending tons on hotels in the area. The housing was no bargain, either -- $1000 PER DAY. This works out to roughly $120/day per person, so about the same as a hotel, but at least we'll be able to hang out and cook. Next will be the plane ticket. Ok, I will NEVER do this again and I hope we have fun, but this vacation will preclude me from even THINKING about taking my horse to championships next year, not to mention curtailing most horse-related activities... There's a REASON why I drive a 10-year-old Jetta and never take vacations -- usually the pony takes precedence!

  9. Yeah I was all pumped up to go until I saw the ticket prices. *x* So instead I'm going to Devon next year, just for the breed show. Wonder how the performance classes are going to look attendance wise? I'm also going to go to KY to see the Breeders' Cup races.

  10. You are too right. I'd have free lodging as I grew up 45 minutes from KHP so my parents still live there. But really -- if I want to watch world class horsepeople, I can just go to Rolex which is (for now) still a LOT cheaper and happens every year. I will spend my money on my horse instead!


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