Sunday, November 8, 2009

Winter shopping spree: An ode to Ariat

Marimekko fabric
(ties into the story)
“Lead us not into temptation. Just tell us where it is; we'll find it.” --Sam Levenson
For the last few months I've been pouring time and money into Riley. Vet bills, meds/supplies, extra handwalking, hauling expenses, you don't even want to know. Throw in a little marital strain (missed vacation, no time for spouse or recreation) and lack of sleep, and the result is inevitable: an unbridled shopping spree (so to speak).

"Just add it to my tab"
Last weekend I went to Chaar Saddlery -- an innocent errand to pick up Himalyan salt licks for Riley and Harv. Bob was out of town, I had a little time, and like a fool I ventured into the apparel section.

My first temptation was an the Ariat Jacket (below). It may not look all that tempting, all traditional and austere. But the lining! It's totally whimsical and fun, reminiscent of the old Marimekko fabrics. Actually the top right swatch is close to the lining on this jacket.

"Oh, Stacey, that's not so bad"
Hah! I didn't stop there: Add to that a pair of lycra-infused Wrangler jeans with sufficient stretch for me to wear a size FIVE. A must-have based on size alone. The last of the ladies apparel is a taupe microfiber turtleneck (Kerrits) with zebra stripe inserts.

Oh, yeah, the horses
At the checkout I ran into a friend buying a Saxon waterproof sheet. Harvey needs a sheet, I realized, as a top layer this fall. So I ran up and pulled one in a lovely blue and grey combination. Oh, and the salt licks.

Screw you Susie Orman! I handed an already over-used credit card to the cashier and instructed her not to announce the final amount. The good news, is, no buyers remorse! Inspired by my own self-indulgence, I wrote a poem. It's posted on Facebook, but here it is for those who haven't seen it...

Ode to an Ariat Jacket (a poem)
I went on a spending spree,
At a local saddlery,
A phone call is for me?
A collection agency!
Why can't this stuff be free?


  1. brava brava, encore!

    (Ariat has always had that effect on me. I try not to think about exactly how many pairs of Ariat boots I own vs. how many feet I, don't think about it....)

  2. Arait boot addict here too.
    I love the fit of the jackets, except for the sleeves - always way too short! Yup, I have ape arms!

  3. Love, love, love Marimekko and things close to it-good choice!

  4. I will repeat...I do not need any more clothes....I do not need any more clothes.... do not...and our tack store is having the big annual 20% off everything in the store sale....

    Love my Ariats too!

  5. You must always have a doctor, a lawyer, a good vehicle mechanic and a tack shop employee in the family. By virtue of education or marriage!
    (The tack shop employee gets great discounts, some are even directly from the manufacturers like Ariat and great freebies from the sales reps!!)

    ~mother of a tack shop employee!

  6. I was hoping you would have a post on the fabulous win by Zenyatta in the Breeder's Cup at Santa Anita. Unfortunately, I didn't see the race, but the writeup in the LA Times brought tears to my eyes. Yeah! Where was Rachel what's her name? Zenyatta beat all the boys from the Derby, etc.

  7. Sorry -- to be honest I don't follow racing that much, although I did watch the come from behind finish. Pretty amazing, huh?

  8. Mmmmm...sounds like so much fun. I'm loving the turtleneck with the funky zebra stripes! And size 5 jeans? Definitely!!! I can't even remember the last time my butt saw a size five!

  9. I like the poem! And that turtleneck is totally my style too. You mustn't show me these things! My whole budget is going to Armani's new training. I'm stubbornly sticking to a diet of self-denial.

  10. Bay Horse, Jean: The two of you and your precious "self control." ;-)


    The turtleneck also comes in black with the zebra inserts.

    Are you feeling more tempted now?

    I would have gotten the black but I have no light colored breeches at this point. Was afraid of looking like Zorro, or Johnny Cash.

  11. I don't often laugh out loud at the things said in blogs, but I did here. Never thought of asking the clerk NOT to tell me the total! (Nice poem too).

  12. i am totally an ariat girl.. sit down and ride like the wind !!

  13. LOVE IT!!! :O
    Our mud room looks like an Ariat outlet mall!
    Flyinghorses2 - that's gorgeous! Great advice!

  14. Haha, I loved the "screw you, Susie Orman"! That was perfect. Can't take money with you when you die is what I say. Minds well spend on lots and lots of pretty horse things!


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