Saturday, February 13, 2010

I dreamed a dream, and I'm not Susan Boyle

There's nothing worse than having to listen to the boring dreams of others.

But here's my dream anyway. It's a high anxiety dream and I recall it in surprising detail. Kind of wish I didn't.

The downer dream
In my dream, Riley is being examined by a vet. We're in the wash stall at the farm where I board Riley. The details are still clear to me -- the placement of the hose, the feeling of standing on the mat, the look on the vet's face. The vet is unfamiliar, exotic-looking and young. She has just taken x-rays and she is telling me about some new and awful finding. It was clearly visible on the x-rays -- don't recall what, but it was something that should not have been there. My reaction to the news was anger and frustration -- why did no one see this before now????

The vet is distant and professional. She recommends I take Riley to a clinic three hours away, a place called "Wind Willow Vet."

Bob is there, did I mention that? In real life Bob is weary as hell of Riley's rehab, and in real life he doesn't know anything about clinics in the area. Yet in the dream he says "What's wrong with Mid-Atlantic?" (a well-known and nearby facility). I can see he won't be very keen on the 3 hour drive, and I want to take Riley somewhere familiar to me.

I tell the vet we can't go to Wind Willow. On hearing this, she then turns to her truck and starts sorting through a box. I look in the box, and see a jumble of horse prosthetic devices -- hooves, hocks, knees, it was just awful. I ask the vet to tell me why this clinic is so special, but she doesn't seem to hear me.

I run into the barn to tell Bob we have to go to Wind Willow. Bob is leading Riley down the aisle, away from me. Riley's gait stops me in my tracks. His right front leg is winging out exaggeratedly as he walks, and he is putting all of his weight on the inside edge of his hoof. Then I wake up.

Needless to say, I'm done taking Nyquil before bed.

And Riley is fine. He's fine. He's fine!


  1. That's creepy....but dreams often are, even when they don't really mean a thing except that we are worried about something. You have every right to be concerned about Riley after all you've been through.

    Wonder where "Wind Willow" came from? Those kinds of details are always fascinating in a dream. Mid-Atlantic is excellent, so that's a given. Is this other clinic a fantasy land where all kinds of little creatures ply their healing trades? *S*

    Sometimes, when you talk about a dream and figure out all the reasons behind it, it goes away. It's going to help a lot once Riley is back into real work and you are finally in the saddle yourself enjoying your beautiful boy.

    Now that's a dream to go to bed with!! Hugs.

  2. Ya, lay off that Nyquel. That stuff messes me up! ;)

  3. Our Mom can't handle Nyquel, either. What a scary dream! Obviously, you is worried bout Riley. Hope efurryfing turns out ok!
    Purrs an headbonks for Riley (I's nefur meeted a real horsey; just how big is it?)
    Victor Tabbycat

  4. Sounds like a doozy of a dream; think I'd nix the Nyquil too. I know when I used to eat ice cream before bed it would guarantee a nightmare. Interestingly enough, I have not had a dream of any kind since I had chemo in 2006/07. Weird, huh?

  5. Isn't it crazy when dreams can disturb you so much? Good thing they're not real!

    Lay off the Nyquil, unless you get writer's block, 'kay?

  6. When my Mommeh started her new job last month, she kept dreaming that she forgot all about me and Harley until she finally noticed we were nothing but skin and bones because she hadn't fed us in weeks. ::shivers:: Dreams can be scairty, for sure!

    ps: Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. Yikes!!!!!! That sounds awful!!!!!!! Don't dreams sometimes put real life into perspective though?

  8. That was a pretty scary nightmare. Glad Riley is all right. How is that laminae stuff working that you are feeding him working?? That is probably a dumb question because it probably takes a long time for that to work. This is also probably a dumb question, but have you given Riley any isoxaprine?? When I had a foundered pony, I fed her that and it really did help her. I know Riley isn't foundered but thought it might help that hoof to grow.

  9. Honestly I have pretty crazy dreams whenever I take Nyquil too.


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