Sunday, February 14, 2010

On a happier note -- Look what I found!

Sorry about the dream, but I could not get it out of my head. On a happier note, look what I found on my hard drive. I'm pretty sure I haven't shared this one before...

This is Riley, probably about 9 months old. It's funny because when I went to see him tonight, he was exhausted from being out in 22" of snow. I thought to myself, "he looks just like he did when he was a baby." And then this popped up as I was browsing on Picasa...

By the way he is doing well. Next Friday he graduates to a nail-on shoe (no more plate, no more glue-ons). The frog support pads he's been wearing have really helped to expand and "normalize" his heel.


  1. What a cutie and I can see how he's got the same look of enquiry in his more recent pictures or videos. The expressiveness is very sweet!

    Also glad to hear that his feet continue to progress well. We have not quite so much of a problem with Oscar, here, but we do keep an eye on him with plans to getting his hooves grown out enough this spring to at least shoe him in the front!

  2. Great news about Riley's feet. You both will be ready to do some schooling come Spring. You will be riding him before you know it.

    He has such an adorable expression in the picture and he hasn't lost an ounce of character since he's grown up. Glad you found the picture, I think it's brightened my day too!!

  3. I love Riley. Glad his feet are doing better. I just can't imagine why he would be tired in 22" of snow. ha ha ha.


  4. So cute!!!!!!! And great news about his hoof.


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