Friday, April 23, 2010

Day 1 Rolex: The first thing we see

As we walked onto the showgrounds proper, the first thing we enountered was the warm-up ring. Lo and behold, we saw probably the only rider I can identify by sight -- Laine Ashker on Anthony Patch. Now in the last few years I've blogged some critical things about her. That said, she is an impressive young woman who (if we can believe Jimmy Wofford) has changed her riding style to be a little more methodical, a little less reckless than she was a few years ago when she had that terrible fall.

I have to admit that watching these few moments of her dressage warmup left me very impressed, and they went on to have a lovely and soft test overall with a few minor issues. Wishing Laine and Anthony the very best. And, the Threedaysthreeways blog has a nice interview with Laine about her Rolex 2010 jog...

I have a horrendous Internet connection in this rather yucky Day's Inn (didn't they used to be pretty good?). But I managed to upload this footage of the Smartpak coursewalk with (I think) Amy Tryon...


  1. Eventing dressage has improved so much over the years since I volunteered to scribe or steward at Essex, NJ for the four star. Back then, perhaps one out of every ten tests was under control. The rest had horses on the edge of explosion.

    Event riders used to complain about the fact that the dressage even counted!! Now, if you don't do well, you are more than likely going to be out of the ribbons entirely. Glad you are getting to see the good side of the competition. *G*

  2. What a beautiful horse! I do not know a lot about horses or riding but I can certainly recognize such a beautiful animal!

  3. Oh man I wish I were at Rolex. =( I've gone to watch two or three times; 2002-2005 I think. I LOVED the whole experience. Anyway.

    I for one am a little surprised that Ashker is back. Reckless riding doesn't even begin to cover it. But yes, hopefully Wofford is right and she really has improved. I'm sure the accident snapped her back to reality a bit. It's sad when those sorts of things have to happen in order for people to wake up.

    I'm also a little disappointed with their coverage this year. Even last year I remember being able to watch it live online *without* paying. =(


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