Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rolex weather -- rockin' and rollin' thunder

Cross country day: Weather forecast includes t-storms and tornados. Yet off we go, perhaps to our doom. Bob offers his take...

Here is the footage from my favorite booth at Rolex -- Derdau boots...


  1. My, my that is some collection of boots! I'm a bit of a traditionalist myself, but it sure is fun to see all the possibilities.

    I LOVE Bob's comment. I hope it didn't come true....*lol* (Which means I expect a post tomorrow at the latest to reassure me. *G*)

  2. OMG t-storms & tornadoes on the cross country day, I am thinking of the competitors & wishing they bring their horses home safe...

    I sure wish I could be part of it this year :o)enjoy & let us know how it went

  3. Wow! Why in the world do we wear paddock boots with zip up half chaps when we could be riding in those blue boots?? Or the black ones with snake skin inlay?

    Sorry I'm not there with you to brave the tornados and ogle all the wonderful horsey wares we shouldn't spend our money on!! Maybe next year...


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