Monday, April 12, 2010

I am a baaaad mommy

 This blog was supposed to be about Riley's new browband. I was so proud of this inspired purchase and the way the colors in the browband complement his coat. Well, here it is. I took the photo Sunday. Yeah, yeah, it's gorgeous. It was not the big event of the day, as it turns out.

Guilt ruins everything
Notice his right eye looks funny? Swollen? Painful? That's mommy's fault. I'm a baaaad mommy.

 How it happened...
I'd planned a photo shoot for Riley Sunday to a) show off the browband and b) capture the essence of Riley at age 4. He got a spa treatment -- bath, grooming, the works. You'd think he'd appreciate it but it was a lot of standing, and pulling his mane  was Not Cool.He did look great when I was done. He was ready for his closeup, and I just needed to put the bridle on.

Riley had reached the end of his patience. As I tried to bridle him he jerked away and started down the aisle. When I stepped in front of him he tried to walk through me. I jabbed back at him (respect my space, dude!).  I raised my arm, Riley  swung his head, and what can I say? I punched him in the eye, by accident.

He reeled backward and instantly started tearing up -- big drops of tears -- and he wouldn't open his eye.  I patted and cooed apologies. It stopped in about a minute, but he would only partially open  his eye. Another boarder (also the photographer) took a look. She assured me he was okay, and she helped me snap these shots quickly. Riley went back to his stall and I watched him closely. I felt soooo bad. Poor Riley.

A teachable moment
Everything I have ever read says  Don't mess around with eye injuries or infections. You call the vet. But at Riley's eye was getting better -- no longer tearing, maybe a little swollen, but about 2/3 open. He was eating and drinking and looking comfortable. And, the vet was coming in the following morning to do spring shots.   I gave him some bute (eye pain is a common cause of colic) and asked the barn manager to keep an eye on him. She promised she'd call if there were any changes. The vet should be at the farm as I write this, but since I got no phone call this a.m. I think he's okay.

Oh, the browband
I love how the browband matches his color plus it has the splashes of white like he does. It's from the Kenyan Collection, $50...


  1. That's too funny :o) but what can you do. It was got knocked out once by a head toss of a young full-of-himself stallion - and it can be a serious blow...

    You're excused for being a bad mommy this time :o)...I sure hope though you remedied the situation with lot's of treats...

  2. That looks like the time my mare was bit by a bee. There are a couple colonies at my place and the bees like to sip at all the horse troughs.

  3. Awww! Poor Riley-bear!

    Just have better aim next time. xD

  4. Uhm....I think he sort of deserved it....well, maybe not quite a punch in the eye, but he was being a bit of a twit, so it's more his fault than yours.....OK, so we're never supposed to blame the horse, but gee, his head smashed into your fist, didn't it???? *G* Seriously, I'm glad he's OK. Potential eye injuries are always a worry.

  5. I always heard you had a mean right hook.


  6. I agree with Jean, if he had been behaving and not trying to run through your personal space, he wouldn't have gotten socked. Although remind me to not get on your bad side ;)

    The brow band is beautiful! And it does look great with his new brow band.

    BTW if it make you feel better, as a teacher I one time hit a kid in the eye. I went over to help him and he turn and I turned and BAM! He was not hurt and we both laughed.

  7. one time I accidentally hit my horse in the eye with the big knot at the end of a thick cotton lead rope. (I don't really remember how that came about) I thought he was dying!!! It teared up for several minutes and he looked so sad! I didn't know what to do, but whoever I asked about it said he would be okay soon, and they were right. But I felt so bad!

  8. So, I laughed out loud. Yeah, I'm bad... I'm glad he's okay, but I do agree with the others that he was being a butt-head.

    That story didn't go how I thought it would. I thought he was going to wack his head in the washrack or something.

    If it makes you feel better, I clocked my jumper mare in the head with the rubber doughnut at the end of the lounge line. She wanted to continue going to the left and I wanted her to turn. We stood there at the standoff. Finally, I started spinning the doughnut at the end, at the same time she started to the left again... d'oh!

    I'm glad you are both okay!

  9. Poor Riley, but the browband looks great with his coat.

  10. My goat bonked the pony in the eye with her horn. Poor Cookie's eye was teary and bloody. The eye was swollen for a day and then all was well. After that, Cookie was very careful with the goat. (Her name was Cookie as in "one smart cookie".) When my brother was about 3 or 4, he was running through the room and my mother swung her hand out to stop him as he ran past resulting in quite a whack. Her wedding band cut his cheek just below the eye and left a scar. Good thing it was a simple diamond band and not a solitaire! Anyway, she was mighty upset and never wore the ring again. Bonus to me - I inherited the ring, it's in really pristine condition because she stopped wearing it.

  11. WEll Poor Riley but I have to tell you that is one gorgeous brow band. And it really does match him.

  12. Oh geez...Dont feel bad, I accidentally smushed Pongo's head in the stall door one time. I actually went out that night at midnight just to make sure he was still alive, I'm sure his ears were still ringing...we all make mistakes :P


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