Sunday, April 11, 2010

Studies sometimes show what we already know...

Heck, we've lived it. If you've read my blog entries about hay you won't be surprised that forage costs have increased the most...

Eating Like a Horse
The cost of owning a horse is more than double what it was nearly 10 years
That is one of the statistics in a study commissioned by the Saskatchewan Horse
Vel Evans with Strategic Equine Inc. says the average 2001 cost of keeping a
horse was $375. That jumped to $785 per horse in 2009. The
biggest part of the increase was hay and forage costs, which can vary from
year-to year, depending on yields.
The study also estimates there are approximately 115,000 horses and 11,000
horse owners in Saskatchewan.
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  1. I remember back when paying more than $2.00 a bale for hay was considered outrageous. Now you can't find hay for less than $5.00 in my area

  2. My hay is over $6 a bale and sometimes over $7, depending on my supplier. I can remember bales at $1.50. But things will only get worse as farmland is developed and tillable land is used to produce crops other than hay.

    Doesn't take a study or a lot of research to figure this out. *G*

  3. I'm happy to find $7 or $8 hay. It's funny, the cost of buying the horse hasn't changed much, but the cost of feed and vet care sure has!

  4. Having a horse in Hong Kong for both racing and recreational purpose are very expensive. For recreational purpose, it is more than US$1,000 a month and for racing is much more.

  5. What's the time frame on that figure? A week, a month, a year?


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