Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Five reasons to vote for Sheri as Purina's blog-o-spondent

From June 14-July 12  you can vote 
for the Purina Live from Lexington 

Sheri of Ohio is a semi-finalist for the Purina Live from Lexington blog-o-spondent contest.  I hope everyone will vote early and often for Sheri. If you're undecided, here are five reasons she deserves to blog for the WEG. Vote every day at www.livefromlexington.com!
  1. She is a real blogger (not true of all semi-finalists).  Since 2006 she has chronicled her life and horse adventures on her blog www.dressagemom.com.
  2. She is an experienced, successful dressage rider. 
  3. Style and substance. She put together a video that got her point across and was fun to watch.
  4. She is like many of us who juggle responsibilities to ride and have horses.
  5. Her dressage horses are Arabians. Wouldn't it be cool to see a rider who is successfully  showing non-traditional horses get some visibility at WEG?
Good luck Sheri!


    1. Sherri lives in South Euclid, a suburb of Cleveland, not Toledo, Ohio. BTW, I'm a native Ohioan living in Oklahoma.


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