Monday, June 14, 2010

Riley's first 'real' show!

Riley competed in a schooling dressage show -- a home game, held right at our barn -- so it was hard to pass up. Bob and I came back early from our weekend in Woodstock NY to get him ready.

  • The weather: 88 degrees with passing thunderstorms predicted at 1pm and 3pm
  • Ride times: 1:25 and 2:21pm
  • The tests: Training 1 and Training 2
  • The entourage/pit crew: Dawn, Pam, Bob, Leah, Stacey, Randine
  • The mitigating circumstances: Riley under saddle for two months; no work on halt or stretchy walk; never worked more than 25 minutes at a time; thunderstorms passing through during both warmups, clearing by the time of his ride.

Training test 1
Score 67%

Training test 2
Score 63% (I thought this was the better test overall (shrug)


  1. Looking good Riley! Had some baby moments but those are expected. I think he is really getting a wonderful foundation by your rider/trainer. I like that she just ignores his silly and keeps him going forward.

  2. He is such a good looking boy!

  3. Congratulations, Riley!! What nice scores for a first time out. You should be proud..and I guess you are from the tone of your post.

    He really does look nice, and received beautiful rides from your trainer. Lovely, lovely!! *S*

  4. Meant to add... the little "naughty" in the canter circle on the second test probably made the bulk of the score difference. He looks a little less forward, but more relaxed in the second test, so I can see why you liked it.

    PS: Trainer has a beautiful seat.

  5. Hahahha, well, he IS full of himself, isn't he? I only watched the first one, but I think he's off to a good start! Does he naturally curl his head and neck up behind the vertical like that? He didn't seem to really want to move up from behind into the contact, but at least he looks like he naturally lifts his back. What a lil' firecracker! Congrats on a good showing!

  6. I think the curled neck diminishes in the 2nd video, but he is also travelling far more horizontally (I won't say on the forehand). To me, the relaxation is a good tradeoff for nervous energy...

  7. Well he is just a who bunch of lovely now isnt he! You must be so incredibly proud. Well done!

  8. I think this is fantastic! Only two months under saddle. Probably all his hospital time prepared him for the big world out there. We are so proud with you! What a good boy!

  9. Yeah, I saw the horizontal movement in the second video. Also, to me, I thought some of the transitions in the first test were better. He looked a bit more "tired" in the second ... which maybe affected things. Boy, he has a motor.

  10. Such a lovely boy with so much potential. I liked the 2nd test best too. Much more relaxed. He's a feisty one isn't he? I agree that your trainer does a good job of riding his baby stuff and keeps him working. Oh! Loved the music too. First one made me smile and second one seemed to fit him. Pent up energy and all.

  11. He looks lovely for being 2 months under saddle. I agree, he's moving more freely in the second video.

  12. Very good exposure, he did great! When do you start to ride him Stacey? Is that part of the plan? As a part time bloggie reader, I am curious where you are taking him. I do all my training myself, do to money issues and of course, Jakcson had also been under saddle when I got him. A lot less than I was led to believe though! A broken shoulder in 2007 and some major fear issues following that.... The dressage work has made our riding and our partnership WAY better. Curious as to when you plan that yourself, if at all! I will say again, sure do wish I had your trainer and the cash for him to do some of the work on Jackson!!!! Great accomplishements already on your greenie!! YAY!


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