Sunday, June 13, 2010

New dressage pad (now I just have to wait for the next big name clinician)

At the barn where I board there is a rider (Karen) who competes her  Dutch warmblood at Prix St. Georges. When she comes out to ride she is always dressed immaculately and smartly. While she does all of the chores that leave me filthy and drenched in sweat, she looks mahhvelous. She has an impressive horsey wardrobe too, and I fell in love with one of her dressage pads. That dressage pad kept me awake at night. Finally I asked her about her black and gold Asian print pad.

Karen told me about  Ellerslie custom blankets and helped me get in touch with the company. She assured me that the pads wash beautifully and wear very well. Also the Ellerslie seamstress creates pads in flannel, tapestry, cotton, and other fabrics -- some even lined in leather.

If you order now...
When I called the Ellerslie pad lady, she cautioned me that the imported-from-Italy fabric I wanted had been discontinued -- but she could try to get it. A few days later she reported that the fabric was still available. It was now or never shopping, so of course the answer was Order Now. And once you place a special order...

Click the image to see the gorgeous detail,
and take a look at Ellerslie's Web site.
She has all kinds of fabrics not just
the super fancy kind.


  1. Mmm...I really like that gold stripey number with the gold and black braid!

  2. ooooooooh, I could make such a nice purse with that fabric!

  3. Looks too nice to put on a dirty horse!

  4. first brow bands, now this. STOPPP I tell you, STOPPP!

    I would have blanket envy too; those are gorgeous!

  5. I've made dressage pads, although out of denim and plainer fabrics, and I appreciate the way she varies the quilting on these. These are very lovely and creative.

  6. Wow.. just... wow.

    Almost enough to make a girl want to stop using saddle towels (five for twenty dollars)..

    But sweaty horse filth on that beautiful pad? I think not. LOL

    It would look fantastic just draped over a chair back in the tack room, though...

  7. The fabric looks beautiful, but I have to place my vote for the simple, clean lines of my Tuffrider Starlight Dressage saddle pad. The micro suede looks and feels sleek and elegant. I prefer the fancy stitchery in my home, not on my horse. (That saddle pad would look great in my library….)


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