Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My undeserved reputation: I'm famous for naming!

Since I wrote the blog entry on naming horses I have occasionally received messages from people asking for help with naming their horse. I never quite feel up to the task. Well, earlier this week a young woman (Jacqui) emailed me for help naming her horse. It was my dream come true.  At last, I have the chance to name a blue roan!   Plus, Jacqui has some great material to work with:
  • Horse  is a 7 year old Blue roan/Tobiano Kentucky Mountain Horse.
  • Owner Jacqui will be showing him in gaited classes and fun shows
  • Owner Jacqui wants the name to be a tribute to her Aunt Jacqui, who loved roses, the ocean, and the song Stairway to Heaven (which is already taken in the breed registry)
I advised her against going with a floral name for a gelding, and I gave her my best recommendation which I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE. DRUMMMMRRRROOOOOLLLLLL....

Blue Tsunami

Unfortunately Jacqui either does not recognize my genius :-), or perhaps the name truly is not a great fit with her spectacular gelding. So it's time for the general readership to step in and help us out. What would you name this guy? Doesn't he have a sweet face?


  1. I think Blue Tsunami is perfect> He could go by the Blue named Tsu.

  2. Here is my suggestion:
    Sweetwater Blue

  3. Piper's Indigo
    Whisper to Heaven
    Indigo Whisper

  4. Okay, I nerded out on this one... I actually like Blue Tsunami, but I understand if it's not a good fit for this guy...
    Here are my pics (and why)
    ~Blue Songbird (kind of girly, but songbirds are mentioned in the song)
    ~Wonder/wonderer (again, song)
    ~Ocean of Wonders (love of ocean and the song)
    ~Blue Rose/Blue Roses (blue roses do not actually exist in nature, but so symbolize love and prosperity)
    ~Suntory (the name of a Japanese company that is working on making a genetically modified "blue rose"- and I kind of like the name)

    That's all I've got! :)

  5. I'd name him "My Blue Heaven" but I bet that's been done a bunch of times before.

    Thanks for posting my badge on your sidebar! I'm such a dork... when I arrived at your blog today I saw it and thought "that horse looks just like Tucker!" Duh... Maybe I need another cup of coffee :)

  6. He's lovely! I think "Tsunami" already implies blue without needing the word blue.

    I'll let this sit and percolate in my head - if I come up with anything I'll be back!

  7. I love Blue Tsunami!! It's pretty cute, I think...

  8. Have to think on a name, but he really is a nice looking fellow. I love his coloring and he just looks as if he has a wonderful attitude.

  9. Posting for Carolyn Marie who submitted suggestions via FB...

    Tropical Twist Azul & Rabble's Blue Tide...& I guess there's always Houston Blue!

  10. My suggestions would be:

    Kentahten (Iroquois work "Kentucky" is named after. Also means "land of tomorrow", which could symbolize heaven)

    Sailor's Song


    Heaven's Whispering Wind

    Golden Road

  11. Rosewater Zeppelin
    Walkway to Heaven

  12. What about

    Blue Man Group
    Blue Groove

  13. ohh I like Cerulean :)

    You will have to let us know what she ends up picking!

  14. At first what struck me was the combination of the "Blue" and the Aunt's love of Roses. "Blue Rose's" was the Nickname of the Sister in Tennessee Williams' The Glass Menagerie. Then I took it a step further and thought of Ocean or Sea Glass. So My recommendations are Blue Roses or Sea Glass.

  15. Or Ocean Glass... then you can also nick name him Danny after Danny Ocean in Ocean's 11. All kinds of connections tonight!

  16. -Oceans crest
    -wonders of Azul
    -Oceans Azul
    Just a few suggestions.

  17. I'm terrible at naming, but so far it hasn't stopped me from giving it a shot.

    I'm thinking Jack for a barn name might be a nice tribute.

    Jack's Blue Moon
    (Blue Moon is the name of a blue rose.)
    Once in a Blue Moon (probably taken)
    Cerulean Sea Star

    Yup. I'm terrible. *slinking away*

  18. Looks like recording for Stairway to Heaven started at an Island Records studio and was released under the Atlantic label.

    Island Sounds
    Atlantic Voyages
    Atoll You So
    Tide and True
    Archipelago (just because Archi is a cute barn name)

  19. My Blue Heaven

    Patti Murphy
    Clearview Cobs
    Sweden, Maine

  20. Of submissions so far I like

    Sweetwater Blue
    Sea Glass
    Jack's blue rose, maybe change to Jacqui's Blue Rose?
    Tide and True

  21. I kind of liked Tsunami....Hmmm. What about My Blue Heaven? She could always use "Jack" for his barn name :o)

  22. Deep Blue Something

    (though I like sweetwater blue, being an atlantan!)

  23. Rip Tide
    Tidal Song
    Songs of Singapore
    Current Desire
    Dark Blue
    Compass to the Heart
    Nautical Seaman
    Compass Rose
    Navigate the Heart

  24. Jammin' the Blues
    Mood Indigo

    I like Blue Tsunami, but here on the west coast, tsunami has an ominous connotation. Maybe not appropriate for a sweet gelding.

    I just read your naming blog and got a kick out of it. My mare's registered name always threw announcers for a loop. We used to have a popular jumper in the region whose show name was Pacman (an example of dating horse and rider). As far as clever -- I love the imaginative names for the Khemosabi babies and grandbabies (creative "Kh" spellings).

  25. Stacey, glad you like Sweetwater Blue, also glad others do to.

    But I was making no geographical or brewery reference (not to Atlanta, not to Texas, nothin')
    But enjoy in any way you like.

    the others you point out are also nice ones. Lotsa good submissions.

  26. Jackie Blue is a good one for those of us who understand/recall the reference.

    Sweetwater Blue just has so many lovely connotations -- sweet, water, blue, ya can't hardly go wrong. Plus I think it matches the breed and disposition of the horse.

  27. Blue Stair Up There
    Navy Pier
    Texas Blue Step
    Beyond the Blue Gait
    Heaven's Gaiter

  28. I was voting for Sweetwater Blue until I saw Texas Blue Step. I think that is SO clever for a gaited horse (and I love a good pun!).

  29. Blue mountain
    Rosie Rainbow
    Cloudy Sky
    Clouds over a steely ocean

  30. I like the name Blue Tsunami!!!!!
    It's funny and suave at the same time!
    And it's unique without being sickeningly frilly!
    People will hear it over the loud speakers at shows and be immediately interested in the horse that sports such a name...


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