Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Am I feeding horses or competing in Top Chef????

I've done it myself -- left super-detailed instructions not only on what to feed, but how to feed it. When someone leaves instructions that contain the word "frappe" I think I'm done with barn work!

This is a note that was left for me at one point in the distant past.

Two issues:

  • Why is Succeed the exception? I guess the key to following notes like this is not to question the exceptions, or you'll go down the meandering path of possible motives. Too confusing. Just do it.
  • Does Sam's Succeed get added to beet pulp AFTER the water? Or is it not added to the beet pulp at all?
Truth is, I didn't lose too much sleep over it, I just followed the clear parts to the letter and did what seemed logical on the unclear parts.


  1. haha i thought i was fussy about how my horse was fed, but i don't think i'm that fussy.. i guess we all have weird little quirks with how are horses are cared for :)

  2. Well, it actually makes sense if the horses weren't cleaning up their supplements and leaving them...except for the Succeed part...sort of....

  3. That would drive me nuts! You're a saint.

  4. I find that once I've wet down the beet pulp into a mash anything sticks to it. It's like oatmeal for horses. My horses like the cracked corn and sweet feed I add to it for the extra flavor and crunch, I'm thinking.

  5. Yikes. I'd be ashamed to leave that kind of note. I mix Izzy's grain myself and bag it, so the barn workers just have to dump it in her bucket.

    Of course, my neurosis levels seem to be slightly lower than that of your average boarder.

  6. The reason not to mix in the SUCCEED is because it's supposed to be top dressed so that it gets into the system before the feed, or at least early in the meal process. That way the digestive system is more prepared to handle the feed as it's ingested to get the most out of it. That's the theory anyways. Can't imagine it makes a whole lot of difference as long as it is fed regularly.

  7. See, I don't find this one unreasonable. No point in giving supplements that don't get eaten, and it's not asking you to do anything that doesn't need done regardless, it's just sharing information the owner has noticed about how the stuff works best.

    I dunno about the Succeed part though, would ask for clarification there.

  8. I'm with Sprinkler. I bag everything to create a two week supply, and I feed my own horse. It's helpful though, should I get sick and a friend volunteers to pitch in. Instructions taped to trash can lid: Dump feed in bucket. Add water so supplements stick. Stir.
    Voila. No drama.

    Sorry, I do believe you've touched a nerve for me. :)


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