Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Riley's and I go matchy matchy

Okay, if you've watched the endless footage of Riley, you know his Mattes saddle pad is terracotta  -- and I have to admit I'm infatuated with that color.  It looks great on him, and for a shade of orange it isn't awful on me.

So what do you think happened when I ran across these terracotta Uggs?
  • Find a pair on sale (1/2 price!).
  • Sell current Uggs (chocolate Bailey) and a pair of unused shipping boots on Ebay
  • Snap up the sale pair.
  • Hope it's not a scam.
Finding a pair was not easy--it is a color from their spring line, now discontinued. Never heard of the company selling the half price pair and they also sell pet food. Weird but I'm desperate. I have a checking account just for "marginal online purchases" at the recommendation of my banking rep.

Update: They've arrived and they are goorrgeous! I was afraid they'd be too orange but they really are the perfect fall color.


  1. Woot! Hard to matchy matchy with online purchases!

  2. Silly you....happy you....money well spent if it makes you smile and keeps your feet warm!! *G*


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