Monday, October 11, 2010

Blogging about the Games: Part I

Now that WEG is over, I thought I'd share some observations on the Purina Live from Lexington WEG blogging competition and the blogs. Recall that I applied, but  was not selected to be a Purina WEG blogger. You may remember that I received feedback that I was in the top ten, but was not a semi-finalist because my entry did not include a video.  The Purina rep told me a video wasn't necessary. It turned out the judges required it.

Guess what's missing from the Live from Lexington blogging?
Video. Or frankly, images of any sort. In June, Purina provided the blogger semi-finalists with a flip cam and a netbook. Yet apparently the Purina WEG bloggers were told they could not use videos or images taken of the show grounds or the competition. The lack of video was a WEG rule, but one that few bloggers followed, judging from the popular WEG blogs. I don't know why photos were forbidden.

As a result of this rule, the Live from Lexington blogs text -- just text -- literally lines of small type (at least on my browser).

Compare that, to what I consider to be the epitome of WEG video blogging -- Hamish and Dave, the Aussie WEG video bloggers whose fun posts went viral...

The Purina Live from Lexington writing was good -- but the lack of any visuals was a big hindrance -- and one of two things that kept this from being an over the top blog destination. What was the second thing? See Part II.


  1. Yeah, ironic that you were out of contest for lacking a video, when the actual LFL blogs don't include any video themselves!

  2. Well, ain't that the pits! I think I will go check out that Aussie blog however. Thanks for the heads up.

  3. I loved it! And how much fun to get to see AVG up close with her bling. She loves the atmosphere of reining, eh? I love going to cowboy events also. I loved the Aussie voices of these guys.

  4. Yeah, I love to see Anky with her 'hair down' and glittery. I'm so glad the aussies captured that.

  5. Hamish and Dave interviewed our volunteer group on one of the early mornings in the main stadium! Really nice guys!

  6. OMG Hamish and Dave were pretty hilarious. Too bad Purina didn't pick them to blog!


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