Sunday, October 10, 2010

Devon's "Sick Gear" Award ;-)

Awesome.  Sick.  Fly. 

May I offer an opinion? Teen slang belongs with teens!  I think these words sound ridiculous coming from adults. So when I refer to the "sick gear" at Devon, it's with tongue planted firmly in cheek.

Lots of riders wore helmets at this year's Devon. Helmet-wise, this rider decided to "go big or go home" Love the bling. The saddle pad says Legacy Farms, Lars Petersen's barn. This might be Melissa Taylor, and the horse might be Blue Hors Succes. Not sure, the bridle number doesn't match anything in the Devon book. At any rate, another upper level rider is wearing a helmet. Good for her...

The saddle pad says Legacy Farm, which is Lars Petersen and Melissa Taylor. It might be Melissa Taylor, can't say for sure. But how nice to see "big names" sporting helmets.


  1. The bling could start a fabulous trend. If the helmet makers start making helmets really attractive, or even more suitable for formal attire, perhaps more people would start wearing them.

  2. I LOVE blingy helmets! Now that I'm not pretending to be a hunter/jumper girl anymore, maybe I'll get inspired and stud my new IRH :)

  3. Good to hear that the helmets are happening, and I agree with Jean: if it takes bling to make people wear a helmet, then bling away!

    (my helmet has reflective purple flames on it...but I don't show)

  4. I'm a very unblingy person, so I didn't know what to expect when I read your description, but that helmet is actually really pretty. I like it.

    I've told this story before but I'm gonna keep telling it every time I get the chance... a young dressage rider at my mom's show barn was walking her horse back to the barn after a ride when it either flipped out for unknown reasons or maybe tripped (no witnesses of the moment itself) and she was thrown and hit her head. They thought she was going to die and put her in a coma for a while. Now she is recovering, doing para dressage, has learned to talk again, and is in college. But she still has lots of coordination problems and needs a helper to get her through the day.

    Don't make your ma have to watch you learn to talk a second time! Wear your helmet whenever you are on a horse or IN A CARRIAGE. Looking nice will not save your brain. Carriage people are even worse about this than dressage people - and carriage accidents happen all the time.

  5. You seem to use the slang word bling pretty regularly! ;)

  6. I don't see "bling" as a word in the domain of *teen* slang...

  7. Since hunter and dressage show attire is so conservative, I figure schooling wear is open to bling. My helmet cover is decorated with a row rhinestones at the brim, and I've been embellishing saddle pads with fringe and embroidered tape.

    I agree with Allie --helmets are a must.


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