Saturday, October 16, 2010

Blogging WEG Part II: the LFL WEG blogs

The image on the right is from Nan Rawlings WEG blog, It's a great shot, isn't it?

My second observation on the LFL blogs
One of the reasons I was so keen on the Live from Lexington contest was that I figured the winning bloggers would be given some special opportunities -- behind the scenes access,  special inside scoop, or at least media credentials. I don't see any evidence of that, and they didn't even have tickets to cover some events going on while they were there.

 The WEG bloggers are basically spectators -- and at  least the average spectator could take  pix/video. My sister went to WEG and she had more celeb face time than the bloggers. She met Jane Savoie and some horse whisperer guy whose name I can't recall. She was even invited to bring her horse as a trainee/subject for an upcoming whisperer seminar.  Hamish and Dave got to meet and chat with Anky VG.

    In closing....
    Even as a contest "loser" I was happy for the finalists and figured Live from Lexington would be something special. Purina had identified the blogger talent, and of course there is the pageantry and visual spectacle of WEG. But it seemed like after the competition concluded, Purina lost interest, or funding, or something. No schedule of interviews?  No media creds?  Not even a visually appealing blog environment? I hope the bloggers enjoyed themselves -- and from what I've read it seems like they did. Perhaps opportunities will come to them from elsewhere.

    Purina, what was on your mind when you took this on? What were your goals? Maybe it would have been better off just making the  contest a Trip to WEG giveaway.

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    1. Too bad. It seemed like a good idea at the time. And I would have thought Purina would have gone out of their way to help the bloggers get some special opportunities.


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