Friday, October 15, 2010

Riley and me: Second lesson post-Devon

In the  month before Devon, I didn't ride Riley -- thought it best he had consistent rides with one person. Last Saturday I had my second lesson "post-Devon," and Bob videotaped.

Here are stills from the videos. I am happy with these images. In the right in particular, there is toe, knee, hip, shoulder alignment. In both pix my hands are within the acceptable range. In both pix Riley is relatively happy and his outline is decent, maybe a little twisted at the poll.

Does it mean I'm riding well?

Heh, heh.  It means I looked hard to capture stills from my video that I wouldn't be embarrassed to share :-). Truth-revealing video coming up...


  1. Even if the video shows some deviation, it's wonderful that you have these lovely stills to show that you are doing so much right! Love the seat position. You look very elegant and in control!!

  2. You look great up there! Must be so nice to finally be riding your beautiful boy. I can't wait to do the same in the Spring with my young horse.

  3. Nice work, regardless if you just picked the best ones. Just remember that it's hard to keep your seat perfect on a green horse mostly because you have to keep adjusting to the things he does.

    What I do like, especially, is Riley's frame in these photos. He is nicely in contact and not dropping behind the vertical. As well, he is tracking up beautifully. I would say that this proves how well you were riding him.

    Smile! Don't be so hard on yourself. You have a beautiful young horse to enjoy.

  4. You two look lovely, and Riley looks completely relaxed and happy. What a pair!

  5. I do exactly the same thing - pick the best photos. Though once in a while, if I have a question for Jean, I pick the ones that show the problem. These are beautiful photos! You must be in seventh heaven on such a gorgeous horse.

  6. Please don't be so hard on yourself! How about how BRAVE you are to go from old reliable Harvey to taking on a quality youngster? Very gutsy, and to be doing such a great job with him! I think you should be very proud of yourself.

    Of course, I haven't seen the video yet... haha

  7. You are way too hard on yourself! Look at the elevation of his front end in that first picture! You talk about how low energy he is, and it's HARD to keep still and beautiful in that situation, but your overall position is GOOD, and you're getting it! There's a reason people take years and years to get up the levels - but the fact you're making progress means you can do it!


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