Thursday, October 14, 2010

Padre Part II: Will the next Breyer horse model have a neck ribbon?

I dream of a neck ribbon for Riley. This picture pretty much captures the essence of that dream, doesn't it? It's just perfect, and it brought tears to my eyes.

Looking at this photo, I can see the next Breyer model now!!!!

Patti's reflections on Devon...
I am proud that my unconventional Dressage horse and I were able to show many people that you can achieve your goals on any type of horse by working hard and following the training pyramid.

I also need to thank the people who have supported Padre’ and I through our Dressage journey.
  • Jerry and Sandi Grossi who own Wayfarer Farm where Padre’ and I train
  • Andre’ Huefler my amazing trainer without whom I could not achieve my goals
  • My friends, parents and students who all came to Madison to see us
  • Our sponsors; Horse and Pony Tack and Acorn Insurance and Swan Studios for providing the video we submitted to Steffen. 
Dressage is seen as an individual sport but without a great support team you can only get so far.


  1. Great idea. You should suggest it to Breyer right away!

  2. Delicately put Spazfilly!

    Breyer accepts model requests via their facebook page. I posted the suggestion, now we need people to support it and LIKE it. If you want to do this, search breyer horse in FB, find my post, and LIKE or COMMENT your support.

  3. He does look like a Breyer model!

    And one day, Riley will get his ribbon...I'm sure of it.

  4. Cool idea Stacey! I'm off to hunt it up ;o)

  5. 'm out of my element in the horse world but I love to come in here and see what you're up to always have a most interesting post. And I admit ~ I'm a little in love with the Riley boy.


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