Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Laura Goldman: The post Games followup :-)

"A lot of people think disabled people ride like a sack of potatoes."
                  Laura Goldman 

This is a lady that doesn't mince words :-).

I'm just in awe of Laura Goldman (LG). LG is the para dressage rider who I learned of through Sheri "" Israel. Sheri interviewed LG this summer as she prepped to go to the World Equestrian Games, and a number of us blogged about her last month.

Thought I'd do a post-WEG followup! At WEG, LG  gave a number of gracious, charming interviews that highlighted the importance of para dressage as a sport. Congrats to Laura on her great performance overall and particularly her score of 69.9% and her fourth place finish in the Individual Championship Test.

If you haven't smiled lately, read the LG interviews -- they're a hoot!
“I thought it was OK. I tried to be accurate,” said Laura. “I hope my ride will help our team. This horse is fantastic and my coach is wonderful! This horse is going to get a whole bag of carrots when I get back the barn.
“I hope this sport grows in this country and I hope we get as good as the Europeans. I know that we can do it.”
“I know Laura was nervous,” said Chef d’ Equipe Missy Ransehousen. “But I think she did a great job!”
When I first started riding, there were many trainers who said it wasn’t going to happen,” admitted Laura. “It was difficult to get people to work with me outside of therapy. A lot of people think disabled people ride like a sack of potatoes and it’s just not true.
I found a trainer who treated me like the rest of the folks. She said ‘If you can trot around the arena twice, I’ll coach you.’ Well, I trotted around six times!”
Laura has only been riding JD since the end of May.
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America's Laura Goldman courageously controlled her nerve to slot into third. "I've got to tell you, I was scared!" said the US rider afterwards. "I'm amazed at myself. It's because my horse is fantastic, without him I couldn't do it. And my coach is really on the ball. I hope the sport grows in this this country and we get as strong as the Europeans" she added, now bursting with confidence.
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Laura Goldman and Trudy Phillips' Carlingford JD were next in the ring for the U.S. On the strength of a precisely ridden test and well-shaped circles and serpentines, the pair scored a 68.706% in the Grade Ia team test, earning an individual third place finish.
"I amazed myself," said Goldman. "This horse is fantastic. Without all these folks with the para movement I couldn't have done it."
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“I did what I had to do to keep myself from falling off,” says Goldman, who for years has been in a therapeutic riding program. “I stayed on and I finished the test.” Staying on was not easy as her mount, Trudy Phillip’s striking 11-year-old black and white skewbald Irish Sport Horse gelding, Carlingford JD, opted to finish the test at a trot instead of the prescribed walking pace.
“He’s Irish,” said Goldman, “and he has a mind of his own.” When he’s not competing in para, JD is a Prix St. Georges-level dressage horse.
Goldman also took time to explain some special equipment she uses to ride JD. Para-riders are allowed to use “dispensation aids” to help them perform the movements required in a dressage test. “I use a neck brace,” she explained, “as well as a neck strap that I can grab if necessary, and I have something in my boots for extra support.” She also had custom ladder-shaped reins that help her grip with limited hand strength.
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  1. Plenty of non-disabled riders also sit like a sack of pototatoes.

  2. Panavia's comment heralds he publication of my "Stacey rides Riley" video footage :-)t

  3. Wish my horse and I looked as good in the arena!

    Laura has a wonderful perspective on her riding and that horse is beautiful. She and the rest of the riders did us proud.

  4. I am SO glad you posted a follow up on Laura; I posted a blurb, but this is lots more detailed - thanks! She is one terrific lady and I just love her sassy personality :o)

  5. Does anyone know what Laura does, or did, professionally? I imagie her being a courtroom judge -- lay it on the LINE, LG!!!

  6. Did you hear - Totilas was sold! Check out COTH.

  7. Laura is seriously awesome. I would be proud if my horse looked like her mount in those photos! He must be one excellent horse.


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