Friday, December 10, 2010

More frenemy holiday gifts: Oh the variety!

I didn't see much need to pretty up the display of these sweaters, all of which were found on Ebay, and several of which are listed at over $40 despite the fact that they are USED!


  1. I have no words... But thank you for the good laugh!

  2. Not exactly my style.

    BUT, I do happen to have a horse cardigan someone gave me. It's yellow and not too bad, but I hardly ever wear it. It's more "fun" than fashion.

    It does amaze me too about some of the prices on used garments on eBay. Whatever happened to the good old "rummage sale" pricing--three for a dollar? *lol*

  3. Hey, I would totally wear any of these except the second vest and the red sweater. they're cute.
    Mind you, "granny fashion" seems to be in for my age group right now (in my area, we're strange), knitted sweaters, work socks, and patched clothes = awesome. My friends have stolen their grandma's clothing for this, no joke.
    Prettty exspensive, especially if its used. I mean, its ebay, jeez people.

  4. I'm still trying to convince my non-horsey loved ones that, other than actual riding gear, the only equine-themed attire I'm going to wear is a classic Hermes scarf. Fingers crossed for no sweaters or ride a cowboy t-shirt for Christmas this year!


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