Saturday, December 11, 2010

Gift for a frenemy or a very, very good friend

UPDATE ON HENNY (HJ Hampton, event horse ridden by Peter Atkins): Henny colicked early this morning and has undergone surgery. Look for updates on Eventing Nation (there is also an EN RSS feed upper right of this page). Send those positive vibes.

May I speak frankly?

Breeches are about the most revealing and unforgiving things you can wear -- ya might as well pull on a pair of opaque hose as pull on your Pikeurs, Cotton Naturals, or FITS.  And guess what? Breeches are freakin' expensive.

I wonder what the competitive woman rider does when wearing breeches puts her at risk for embarrassment. Lots of riding situations (trails, dressage shows, events, hunter paces, etc.) involve long days and portolet facilities.

And God forbid, white breeches.
There is a company that discreetly addresses a delicate situation that women of all ages are concerned with. I met the women who design and sell Skivvys -- waterproof panties for the equestrienne-- at Rolex. Later they mailed me a pair  for testing. That was last year, and I confess that I only recently gave them a try.

Here's the deal. They're a lot like regular panties. You don't really notice them. And that's a good thing.  They're priced around where high end panties are (around $30), but doesn't that make them a good Christmas gift? Not sure if I'd buy them for a "frenemy,"  because darn it they're cute and the fabric feels great. I'm thinking they're a great gift for that good friend -- the one you talk to about female annoyances anyway.


  1. Very clever idea. Any chafing from the leg bands? That'd be a concern, but otherwise, smart.

  2. I love these! Happen to have a pair myself and have found them to be very useful....leakproof! yet just like regular underwear...wonderful invention....

  3. check out jelly pantz
    there made to hide underwear lines

  4. That is too funny. And brilliant.

  5. I purchased a pair for my elderly mother who sufers from incontinence and she just loves them,she wants more for Christmas



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