Saturday, November 6, 2010

Sexiest horse lover celebs

There are ten of them, but only one qualifies as a real horse person in my book (well, maybe Patrick Swayze may he RIP). The rest are wannabes.

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10 Sexiest Celebrities Who Love Horses

Riding is a fun way to stay fit, and these horse-friendly celebs clearly couldn’t agree more. Here are some sexy pictures of celebrities who love horses…some of them maybe a little too much
5. Jewel
Jewel on horseback
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  1. Man, I'm with you. Since when did posing naked on a horse make you a horse lover? *cough cough*

  2. abi_3
    Julia Roberts is ok. Those little Mongolian horses are hard to ride. And Patrick Swayze...all cowboy, all dancer, all ok in my book.

  3. ahem Jodie Kidd is a seriously good polo player and jumper!

  4. Viggo Mortenson isn't on this list. He's pretty sexy, plus he bought a Hildago horse and the dressage horse that played Brego, who he rode in Lord of the Rings.

  5. I agree. Posing for a photo with a horse doesn't make one a horse person.

  6. patrick is all good, apparently viggo mortensen is a huuuuge equine fan!

  7. I've never heard of most of those people. Posing with a horse doesn't mean much. The list would mean more if the people were photographed displaying their horsemanship, not their talent for posing glamorously.

  8. I only know old movies and people of those days.
    I read once that the best equestrian who was an actor first was Joel McCrea. As opposed to horsemen who became actors. (Like Gary Cooper.) Robert Taylor, Ronald Reagan, Randolph Scott, Greer Garson, Barb Stanwyck were great horse lovers and always kept horses and ranches. (Greer Garson's husband had a fabulous place in the Pecos Mtns of New Mexico.) Randolph Scott once owned or part owned a horse that ran in the Grand National.
    Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire were very involved in horse racing but I don't know if they rode much.

  9. If you like "sexy" and horsemanship, try this one.

    Don't worry, suitable for the whole family.


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