Friday, November 5, 2010

Totilas' new digs: A video!

This German newscast reports on Totilas in his new home. I tried to capture it for perpetuity but it's a bit distorted. For the original site in better quality see this link: Schochemohle prasentiert Totilas.

Thanks to COTH member Lieselotte for translating for members of the board. She writes that the main points of the TV segment are:

  1. That even Schockemöhle himself is tempted to ride him and feel his gaits
  2. That the exercise rider is extremely pleased to be riding him, usually just giving him a relaxed WTC workout in the mornings
  3. That he will still be showing and his breeding duties will be scheduled around it
  4. That it's not known who will ride him but there are many speculations
  5. That everyone is looking forward to his first foals next year
Other translations from COTH: The rider stated that riding Totilas was the biggest moment of her life, and Paul S even said he was tempted to get on and feel those gaits...


  1. I'm guessing that's possibly the first time in his life Totilas has had to dodge showjumps while schooling!

    No idea whether he is a bit of a handful on the ground normally, was freaked out by the cameras or just hasn't settled yet...

  2. I cannot imagine the exercise rider's sense of responsibility and awe. Every morning she rides "the best horse in the world".

  3. Hasn't anyone learned a lesson from Courtney King-Dye's accident? No helmet again!!! Argh!!

    Notice how low and overbent Totilas goes when just being easily ridden...apparently he has learned his lessons well about surrendering to the bit.

    On the other hand, how lucky is that exercise rider? Hope the boy gets some quality turnout time too.

    Wonder how they are going to keep him in tip top muscular form to show as well. They'd better find a true Grand Prix rider soon to keep him fit enough. That level of competition is hard, even for a horse with his natural talent.

  4. I found this kind of depressing, seeing someone besides Edward riding "Toto." I speak german fluently, and somehow, that girl just didn't seem that deserving to me. Poor Edward. I believe he did most of the training on this horse and had a special bond with him, and now he's just gone.

  5. I've heard a rumor that Totilas and Bretina are going to have a "love child." Have you heard anything?

    It's going to be interesting to see what his foals are like. I can't wait! :)

  6. My first thought was, "How Edward and his groom must miss him." I can't imagine having that close of a bond with a horse and *poof*, he's just... gone. Their hearts must be broken. I hope Toto makes friends, human and equine, in his new home.
    And now for my stupid question: how come his browband is allowed to droop like that? I've noticed it on a number of top-level horses, and it just annoys the heck out of me. Is it the new fashion? Functional in any way? Trying to make up for over-tightened crank nosebands? :-/

  7. I think those browbands are actually shaped that way. I'm surprised he doesn't have a nicer one than that brass studly one...


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