Monday, January 3, 2011

Harvey, New Year's Day

Congratulations Breanna, Annette, and Candice for 
being the first, fifth, and 15th correct quiz-takers in the the BTB Quiz-o-rama
Your prizes are en route...  
The answers are 1. All of the above 2. Sheri Israel 3. Don Schufro 4. FVNeumann
5. Type II Collagen 6. Running in snow.

Harvey is doing well. This winter, though, is the first time I really see that he is elderly. They way he walks, the sprinkling of grey hairs on his face, the shock of grey hair at the base of his mane, the coarseness of his coat, and his tendency to sleep most of the time -- all the signs are here now. Today I rode him and he was pretty lame behind. We just walked, which he seemed to enjoy. Winter is tough for the old geezers, and I look forward to see him looking fat and sleek and enjoying the grass.


  1. It always aches a little to see them growing older like that. A little gray, a little heavier winter coat, and just a little less "spunk." But they are so wise as they age. I swear you can look into their eyes and see into the heart of the world.

  2. It's so great that he's such a happy horse!

  3. What a beautiful photo. The "oldsters" are so special, they touch my heart.

  4. I now know that it is a privilege to see old age touch our horses.

    I always thought that at 18 I would have many happy years left with my mare. But it turned out that fate had different plans and I lost her to a wicked disease within a few weeks still looking slick and shiny and with just the slightest touch of gray around the white crescent-shaped star on her forehead.

  5. congrats to the winners! I had the correct answers but wasn't in the right spot in the line of commenters :)

  6. I just wanted to say thank you for the prize!

    I had you send it to the new house we're working on moving into, so just got it today. Given I live in Tucson, you can probably guess it's been a difficult week... It gave me a great, much needed, smile and laugh. :)

  7. i'm new to your blog and so am not in the know here - how old is Harvey? my boy will be 16 this april and i'm hoping to have him in good health and spirits for many years to come. :)

  8. Harv will be 24 in March. I so look forward to the summer and enjoying my sleek fat oldster.


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