Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A New New Year's resolution: WWHD

Everything that goes into my mouth seems to make me fat, everything that comes out of my mouth embarrasses me.
--Gabriel Garcia Marquez

Hey Gabe, I hear ya. At the end of this year I committed a social gaffe that trumps anything I've done in recent memory. Of course it was something I said, and the irony is that my mis-statement--which was outright offensive to the people who heard it--conveyed the opposite of what I feel about the folks I offended. My blathering attempts to "fix" things made the whole situation worse. Oh, and the coup de grace-- it happened at work.  I lost sleep over it. I fretted. Finally a friend reminded me that "You can't unring a bell." I still feel ill about what happened, but it's time to start thinking forward.

My New New Year's Resolution

Harv and I don't talk much--in fact we don't really talk at all. Harv doesn't talk; he is polite, he's patient; he's agreeable; and on the rare occasion he gets mad, you can be sure it's righteous anger :-).  In this respect Harv has some wisdom to offer.

I cleaned up my office and moved a photo of Harv near my computer screen. My New Year's Resolution: Before any decision, any statement, any action, I will ask  "What would Harvey do?"

This could really help.

I hope I do better this year, I can scarcely do worse.


  1. Ah, words to live by. Of course if I listened to "What would Tucker do?" it's probably bite someone and then steal their snacks. *G*

    Really, my Russell--horse of course--used to be my best confident. I'd tell him everything and somehow I'd always solve my problems with my head on his neck. As noted yesterday, Harv is one of those wise old fellows who knows all the answers to the world. He's a super source of inspiration for you...do listen.

  2. That's unexpectedly beautiful. Horses don't do a lot of things we shouldn't do either!

  3. I have a Tucker too.... My Tucker loves all things, no living creature annoys him. He manages to find a reason to love everyone and everything. I often see him exhibiting this behavior and think I could really use a lesson in patience, understanding, and kindness from him. If I asked myself, "What would Tucker do?" I'd probably be a lot nicer in general. Great food for thought Stacey, thanks.

  4. I think I've done worse - knowing that I should not say what I am going to say, same as you, that it conveyed just the opposite of what I felt but it came out of my mouth before I could stop it. Clearly there is room for improvement in the human brain. You aren't the only one!

  5. Jean, took the words out of my mouth. I'll ask myself, "What would my horse, Armani do?" And then I'll do the opposite.

    To be honest, I say several thing that are unPC/dumb/smart-ass at work on a daily basis. The only variable is how rude, and in front of how many people.

    If your friends, family, coworkers really appreciate you, then they forgive you for occasional verbal diarrhea.

  6. I daren't ask myself "What Would Hudson Do?" as it's likely to be pushy, silent, and involve fast maneuvering.

    But I'm going to take a page out of your book and ask myself "What Would Tiny Do?", striking his first answer, which would be "Eat", and going on to the second, so I don't gain 40 pounds.

    It's a very sweet thing, What Would Harvey Do.

  7. I think I will add this to my days also. I won't put my present horse in that position. He is too young, and I don't consider him that wise. However, Harvey is a much better standard. So from now on, WWHD? And I will see his kind eye when I think of that.

  8. I like the WWHD idea. Except... I have, like, a billion horses so it'd be WWMHD as in "What Would My Horse Do?" :)

  9. definately words to live by. After all, listening to our equine friends is what its all about! And the most important lesson we should learn from them is to "forgive", even ourselves!


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